Let Me Be Your Prince Charming *Niall Horan Love Story*

Charlie is like Cinderella, only it's her phycotic parents who keep her up in the attic and doing the house work. When she can't take the neglect and depression. No freedom. With no-one to help her. Who will be there to save her from doing anything she might regret.


1. Freedom

Charlie was like any other fourteen year old girl. However, she walked around as if she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. And because of this, she didn't have many friends at school.

But their lives were happy. Hers was not. The girls in her class sometimes picked on her for stupid things such as:

"Why is your hair so stringy?"


"Your never going to get a guy with those crooked teeth!"

Because of the verbal abuse she recieved from school, the neglet and sometimes physical abuse she got from her parents, Charlie wanted to scream out. But how? What would happen? The answer is, she didn't know. Too afraid to do anything, she suffered in silence.

When she got home from a hard day at school, she would only be greeted by a list of chores. If they weren't completed on time, she would have to pay the price.

The only thing that has ever brought a genuine smile to her face, instead of the fake one plastered on her face during school, is One Direction. They make her laugh, feel special and brighten her mood. Simple as.

Up in a freezing attic, our story starts. Charlie reluctantly lifted her heavy eye-lids on a bitter Monday morning. She considered it a privilage that she got to go to school. Her parents even paid for her school uniform! Although she got to school only to have a nasty comment thrown at her, anything was better than scrubbing the floor at a prison she was forced to call home.

Throwing off the patchy quilt she made herself, she got ready for school. Brushing her long, curly, black hair, applying her mascara to her long eye-lashes, enhancing the colour of her bright, blue eyes, she stumbled out of the door and into the grotty weather, without any breakfast.

She had barley put a to inside her tutor base when the girl she hated the most, Jodie, approached her.

"What's this then, a hunger strike?"

Immediatly, her "followers" erupted into fits of laughter. Charlie tried to ignore them as she sat down.

"It's quite a good idea, you need to loose a few pounds or so."

With that, Jodie's gang went and sat on the other side of the classroom as the teacher called for silence.

Charlie just didn't know how Jodie could say that. Even she was aware of how unbarably skinny and underweight she was. But that was down to her parents. But that didn't stop her from trying to become anorexic. Wo wouldn't when you're told that you're fat and ugly everyday?

Eventually, the school day was over. When she got home, she belted up the stairs to the attic, narrowly missing her mother's scornful eye. Unnoticed, she slipped the door closed and collapsed on her bed.

All she wanted now was a shower. By doing so, she would simply have to walk down stairs, go into the bathrrom and hop in the shower. But then her mother would know that she was back.

She can't keep living life like this; all she wanted was freedom. The freedom to relax at home, to not have to worry about taking a shower. Her life's ambition is to just run off into the woods, keep running, feel the earth beneath her feet and never return. To be free.

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