Fallen Angels

For the 3rd Advent Day treat!

"Delaney Grace Fontaine, you have been accused of murder, unlovingness, and betrayal. You have been found guilty and will now have your wings stripped of you, and sent down to Earth, where we hope you will learn to undo your wrongs. Until that time comes, you will remain there, for eternity."


4. Lilly

 I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 10:00a.m, that means that it would be 3:00 a.m up in the clouds. I sat up from the comfy bed and looked around. I guess Jake had cleaned up his room while I slept like a dead bird. I winced at my somber thought and grabbed my crutches and got out of the bed. I wobbled to the restroom where I looked in the mirror and thought, I look so different! I used to have wavy brown hair that would cascade down my back, and bright red eyes that could see into the future. I guess my eyes didn't help me predict the trial of my accused guilt. I had to figure out who framed me, but first I have to get back into the Palace of Clouds in order to do that.

 I look at my new self, and smile. My red and white hair was a mess after sleeping on it, and my angel wing earring was tangled up in my hair. I used my tongue to feel the small ring of my lip piercing. I reached up and slightly tugged on first my lip ring, then my nose ring. Yep, they were real. I looked down at the sink, and the countertop, and say two black studs. They were too small for earrings, and Jake didn't have holes small enough to fit these kind, since he had these huge hole in his ears. I figured they were lip piercings. I looked up at myself again and decided to give myself another piercing; one on my lip, in the same place as the other one, but on the other side. I found a needle and some antiseptic and geared myself up for the pain. I cleaned the area around where I was going too peirce, and then jabbed the needle into my flesh. Surprisingly, I didn't feel the pain. In fact, I didn't feel anything! I kept the needle in the hole, and made sure that it had gone all the way through, before putting one of the black studs in it. I then took out the ring, and put the other black stud in it.

 I looked at myself in the mirror and agreed with my new look. I grabbed my crutches again and crutched {A/N Is that a word? Or should I put limped? please comment with answer} out of the bathroom and into the living room, where I saw Jake asleep on the couch. I noticed he was shirtless and in just boxers. I tried not to stare at his toned abs and the V at the bottom of his abdomen. I felt bad when I realized that I was staring, and went over to wake him up. I stopped about half-way, and decided against it; I'll just make breakfast instead.

 I limped over to his mini-fridge and opened it slowly. Inside there were some eggs, bacon, milk, cream, and coffee grounds. I looked around the kitchen and found everything that I would need to make pancakes. I learned how to make human pancakes in my "Humans Food" class that my father made me take. I frowned at the thought of my family and everyone in the Clouds, but decided to keep moving, and helping people until I could join everyone up in the sky. I made pancakes, bacon, coffee, and eggs for Jake, me, and Lilly incase she got here and was hungry. I then brought Jake's breakfast over to him, along with his coffee, and slowly set it down on the table. It was hard with only half-of one hand, while the other held a crutch. I spilled another and just wiped it up with the palm of my hand.

 "Jake...Jake? It's time to eat. I made breakfast...Jake?" I shook him a little when he didn't respond. I decided to wake him up the hard way.

 I sat on him.

 "Ughh..Wahhh...Whaaa? What-- Why are you sitting on me? Is that coffee I smell? Did you make me breakfast?" He looks at the food and the coffee, and then back at  my smiling face.

 "Yes, and I cooked some for Lilly, in case she comes in today and is hungry," I said handing him the steaming plate of bacon eggs, and pancakes. 

 "Sorry, but you didn't have any Maple Syrup. I know you humans, like that thick, sugary stuff."

 "'You humans'? Aren't you a human to?"

 "Uh....yes! Just being funny...ha ha ha?" I said nudging his arm in a half-attempt at a cover up. He shook his head right as the doorknob on the door turned slowly. Then...BAM!!!!

 "Hello bitches!!! I'm baaaaack!!!!" In burst a blonde-haired-green-eyed woman barged in. She looked about 23 and was pretty petite. When she saw Jake and I sitting on the couch with Jake barely wearing any clothes, she stopped dead. 

 "Well...Jake. Why didn't you tell me you had a 'lady friend' over? I would have waited in the hallway," she said with one hand on her hip, and another on the door knob of the still opened door.

 "No, no, no, no, no. It's not like that! Gracey is just someone who fell on me out of a tree, and needed someplace to crash. I promise." He said, walking towards her with his hands out. This is when I stood up and grabbed my crutches so that she could clearly see my cast and brace on my feet.

 "Suuuure Jake. Whatever you say," she said as she turned around, dragged her suitcase in, and closed the door. 

 "Are you hungry? I cooked breakfast a couple minutes ago if you want some. I made some for you in case you came." I said as I hobbled to the oven, where I had put her eggs, bacon, and pancakes to keep warm.

 "Ohhhh. And she cooks to? Now I see why you let her stay," Lilly said as she grabbed the plate from me.

 "She's just a friend! For the last time!!" Jake yelled, throwing his hands up in the air in defeat.

 She thanked me and sat down at the small table in one of the four chairs. Jake went over and grabbed both of our plates from the living room small table and brought it over to me. He slid my plate off of his hand and in front of me. I got up and made Lilly a cup of coffee.

 "Would you like cream, sugar, or milk in your cup of coffee?"

 "She's so formal!" she whispered to Jake, "I'll make it,  if you could just pour the coffee and bring everything over here."

 "Of course." I said, obeying her.

 "So, 'Gracey', where are you from?"

Well, shoot.






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