Forgotten Shadows

15 year old Niessie gets a fresh new taste of reality when she discovers the "transferred Triplets" of Manchester high. Marcel,Harry,and Edward walk in to her life and after she joins the manchester mixers her life gets a bit hectic. All she knows is if 3 boys walk out of her life only one will come out but which will it be?


3. Chapter Three

  I was confused yet pleased at the reaction of the crowd seeing only 9 students had join,they needed 10 to perform, i was there only hope. I took a second look at harry and Still the same old  flirty smirk on his face paying no attention to the girls surrounding him, i quickly look away to the next row to avoid further awkward eye contact and see Zayn.

 i never though i would see the "Jock" of the school in a singing club, hes hiding his face behind his large hands, hes wearing different clothes and a large black beanie making him almost unrecognizable, a club like this would ruin his reputation for sure. He showed a small smile and quickly waved to me before he came back to his usual position. i waved at him awkwardly as i went off stage and sat next to another senior with blonde hair and bright blue eyes her face was as fresh as a raindrop, her name was Perrie Edwards. but she wasn't the type of girl to go out and party,whispers from behind me gossiping about why she was quiet and very shy, although she would be the girl guys fall in love with the minute they see her.  


I notice Zayn keeps staring at the blonde, making eye contact at times, although there's a huge gap in there popularity making Zayn regret if shes really is the one.



 Suddenly the door slams and the walls vibrate violently, Edward walks in, his eyes almost a dark brown filled with anger. His eyeliner smudged all over his cheeks making him look like a black swan, His tank top ripped to the point were you could see the rest of his tattoos on his toned torso. I see a purple bruise on the side of his right cheek throbbing like he just got out of a boxing match, I also notice a deep scar near his chest. 


"im looking for Niessie" He shouts...

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