Forgotten Shadows

15 year old Niessie gets a fresh new taste of reality when she discovers the "transferred Triplets" of Manchester high. Marcel,Harry,and Edward walk in to her life and after she joins the manchester mixers her life gets a bit hectic. All she knows is if 3 boys walk out of her life only one will come out but which will it be?


4. Chapter Four

 Stares fall upon me with there mouths hung open execpt harry, he glared heavily at edward knowing what hes capiblle of. I swollow regret as i got up from the rusted chair and walked towards the tall figure, his fist was balled up covered in dry blood, jaw line clenched to the point where you could see the bone structure of his neck. He grabbed my wrist tightly leaving a bruise on my arm, he dragged me out of the building before i had to the chance to walk properly. 



he took me over near the back of another large building, he pinned my hands with one arm puilling his body closer to mine still keeping eye contact, his eyes a dark shade of green, i whimper at his actions making him chuckle a bit. 


"Do i frighten you Niessie?" 

I dont respond to his question,looking away from his face,the bloodstain on his hands got on my white blouse,his tank top still ripped and stained with grass leafs and dirt, the tattos on his forarm shows a picture of what seems to be a young women.

he asked again "Do i scare you?" 

still keeping my mouth shut i look at him swiftly, his hand quickly cupped my chin leaning slowly for a kiss leaving me frozen, his plump lips lips make contact with mine, i dont kiss balk pushing him away with all my might,but his taller,larger,and stronger. 

just then i hear a loud thump leaving me outcold.

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