Unexpecting this Love. (COMPLETED)

Chelsea moving to a new town. She doesn't Know anyone. But her friend Kaitlyn that came with her. When she goes to her new school, a guy becomes close to her. She does't know anything about him though. But what he doesn't know is that she has had a bad relationship with someone else. So she doesn't trust him. But the guy has had a bad impression from other people. Will they fall for eachother? Read to find out.


9. What Bad things?

 Later on that day.

 I was sitting on the side of my bed about to change into my pajamas for the night, when I get a text message from an unknown number..

Unknown Number: Hey Babe.

I didn't know if I should answer it or ignore it but then I got another message from that same number.

Unknown Number: Are you going to answer me??

So before I knew it I was answering back to the text..

Chelsea: Umm.. Who are you?

There while my heart was about to pump out of my chest. I got through of answering that text that I really didn't know who it was. But then a minute later my phone was beeping from a new text.

Unknown Number: You should know....

Right then I was sure that my heart was about to explode. I was sure that I didn't know this person but then...I remember that one person.. the only person that called me "babe". And that's when it popped in my head, When that one person had my phone when I dropped it at my locker. It was Justin! He must've put his number in my phone and got mine. That's when I text something back.

Chelsea: Justin. Why do you have my number?.

Justin: Ahhhh you know...

Oh gosh I could tell that he had on a smirk on his face. I could tell from the text.

Chelsea: What do you want?

I said with pure anger.

Justin: Just wanted to know if you are doing anything right now.

Chelsea: No why?

I said with suspiciousness.

Justin: Meet me in front of the school at 10 pm.

I looked at the clock and it was 9.

Chelsea: uhhh..*sigh* Alright...

Justin: okay babe.

I just looked at that one word that mad me cringe. And ignored the text and got dressed. I put on some black leggings and a Blue sweater and my black combat boots. It was 9:30 so I just went downstairs to see kaitlyn but she was with one of her guy  friends that I've never seen before. I just shrugged it off and got a bottle of water and headed out the door.


 I pulled up to the school. and got out the car. Making sure that I was looking decent. I saw Justin walking up to me smiling.

Justin: you came!

Chelsea: yeahhh.....

I said not really caring.

Why did you want me to come here. I said with an can-we-speed-this-process-up expression on my face.

Justin: I want to take you to a place. He said with a smile.

Chelsea: whatever. I said.

We got in his car and drove off. I was just sitting there in the awkward silence. But then I heard his voice.

Justin: why did you come?

Chelsea: what are you talking about?

Justin: why did you come? you seem like you don't even like me.

I just looked at him and turned away, Not knowing what to say.

Chelsea: Its not that I don't like you, its just that I've heard a lot of bad things about you.

Justin just looked at me in shock  and confusion.

Justin: what kind of bad things.? He said.

And that's when I  started to explain everything.


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