Unexpecting this Love. (COMPLETED)

Chelsea moving to a new town. She doesn't Know anyone. But her friend Kaitlyn that came with her. When she goes to her new school, a guy becomes close to her. She does't know anything about him though. But what he doesn't know is that she has had a bad relationship with someone else. So she doesn't trust him. But the guy has had a bad impression from other people. Will they fall for eachother? Read to find out.


20. Hoping things will turn out right.

Chelsea POV I woke up to someones arms wrapped around me. I looked down and saw Justin laying his head on my chest. I tried to sit up but he just held me tighter. - Im not letting you get away from me. He said mumbling into my shirt. - I just have to use the bathroom. I said trying to get up. - Fine. He said letting me go. I went to the bathroom and came out to see Justin cuddled up to a pillow. I just smiled at how cute he looked like that. I went over to him and slid the pillow out from under him. He mumbled something but i ignored it. I slid myself in the spot that the pillow was in and wrapped my arms around him. Then he said something. - Baby? He said. - Yeah? I said. - Your hair smells like strawberries. He said wwith his eyes closed but still smiling. I just laughed at that response and then said, - Well thank you. I said not knowing how to respond to it. - What do you want to do today. He asked. - Um i dont know. But im starving. I said. - Okay lets go out for breakfast. He said, planting a kiss on my cheek before getting up. ------------ We arrived at a breakfast resturant, that Justin picked out for us. We walked in and the manager sat us at our seats. We ate our food and then headed out. - What do you want to do now? He asked me. I just sat there thinking as we drove on the street. - Um Movies? i said. - Movies it is. He said smiling. We finally got to the movies, we are going to see Grown Ups 2. We payed for our tickets and went inside the theatre. We sat down at the top row because thats what we decided on. The movie started and i leaned my head on Justin. He just looked at me and smiled. But then a strange boy sat next to me and the weird thing about it was he kept starring at me and getting close to me, I just ignoed it and scooted closer to Justin. - Are you okay? He said with concern. - Uh yeah. I said The movie was almost over and by that time i was really creeped out by the guy next to me. I turned m head towards the movie but when i felt someones hand on my thigh. I thought it was Justin but it was the guy next to me. I looked over at him and he looked at me and had a big grin on his face and at that intant i knew who it was....Jacob. - Jacob? I said. All he did was smile at me. While my eyes weree filled with fear and tears. I quickly ran out of the movies leaving Justin and Jacob in there. I cant believe Justin didnt notice him. I thought to myself. But then again he never looked over at him. I heard someone call my name, I looked up and saw Justin in front of me. Right when he saw the tears in my eyes, he looked hurt. - Hey, hey what happend? He said. - He was in there. I said, thats the only thing i could say through my tears. - Who? Who was in there? he said sitting next to me on the bench. - J-jacob. I said stuttering. Justin didnt respond to my answer. I felt him get up from the bench and walk somewhere. I looked up from my hands and saw Justin about to punch Jacob. Jacob just had a smile on his face the whole time. - Hit me. Thats still not going to make me stay away from her. Jacob said. Thats when Justin Punched Jacob right in the jaw. Then in the nose, then in the eye. He just kept punching him. I ran over to him and tried to break them up. - STOP! I said trying to pull them apart. Justin finally got off of him. And kicked him in the side, while Jacob just layed there throbbing in pain. - STAY AWAY FROM HER, OR ITS GOING TO BE WORST, YOU HEAR ME? He said grabbing me by the hand and taking me out of the theatre. I could tell that we caused a scene because before we left i took a last glimpse of the theatre and everyones mouth was hung open. -------- We arrived at the hotel, I knew justin was mad, he didnt say anything to me the whole drive here. And i knew that i was going to have to be the first one to talk. I walked in the bedroom and say next to him. I didnt really say anything I just pulled him close and kissed him. This kiss lasted for about 5 minutes, then i pulled away. - What was that for? He asked. - For saving me and protecting me and being the best boyfriend. I said hugging him. - Baby, I would do anything to protect you, remeber what i said last night, I made a promise to myself when i told you that, and im not breaking that promise. He said grabbing my hand. I sat there looking at him, then my phone ringed, i answered it. - Hello. I said not even looking at the caller ID. - WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU? I heard someone yelling in the phone. And the i found out who it was.....Kaitlyn. I walked out of the room and motioned to Justin i-will-be-right-back sign. - Calm down!! Im with Justin. I said - WHAT! She said. - LOOK KAITLYN I DONT KNOW WHATS YOUR DEAL WITH JUSTIN BUT HES NOT A BAD PERSON SO GET OVER IT I DONT KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT! I said practically yelling through the phone. I didnt hear anything else through the phone. - (sigh) FINE ALRIGHT I BELIEVE YOU! GOSH! She said through the phone. And at that moment i had a huge smile on my face. - Thank you. I love you gir!. I said. - Mhmm Whatever. She said. Well when are you going to be home? I thought about it. -Next week. I said nervously of what she was going to say. - NEXT WEEK?! She said. What about school?! - I was planning on dropping out since im only 17. And this is my last year anyways. And Justin is too, since hes 18. I said quickly. - (sigh) Well Fine then. Im being nice and agreeing with you on all of this. She said. - I knew you would. I said. - Haha What ever. she said through the phone. Bye. - Bye. I said. And with that i hung up and walked back out to where Justin was Laying down. - Everything Alright. He said. - Yep. I was Just talking about how im going to be dropping out of school.Since its my last year. And i was hoping you would be too. I said. - Oh, well okay. He said, smiling. We just layed and cuddled on the bed watching TV. I hope things will turn out right. I thought to myself. ******************** {A/N} SO SORRY FOR MAKING ALL OF YALL WAIT FOR A LONG TIME BEFORE I MADE A NEW CHAPTER. I TRIED TO MAKE THIS ONE LONG FOR YOU GUYS! WHAT DO YOU THINK?? IS JACOB GOING TO COME BACK FOR MORE? IS JUSTIN AND CHELSEA RELATIONSHIP GOING TO TEAR APART BY JACOB? IS KAITLYN REALLY AGREEING TO CHELSEAS DECISION? WHO KNOWS. UNTIL NEXT TIME, NEXT CHAPTER. NO COMMENTS=NO CHAPTER COMMENTS=CHAPTER LOVE YOU BABES!
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