Unexpecting this Love. (COMPLETED)

Chelsea moving to a new town. She doesn't Know anyone. But her friend Kaitlyn that came with her. When she goes to her new school, a guy becomes close to her. She does't know anything about him though. But what he doesn't know is that she has had a bad relationship with someone else. So she doesn't trust him. But the guy has had a bad impression from other people. Will they fall for eachother? Read to find out.


46. Fixing Things.

 Justin POV

 I was driving down the street in diguise but it was useless, the paparazzis were still following me while I was trying to find Chesea. I needed to find her and tell her how sorry I was about all of this, about everything.

I managed to get through all the cameras and lights flashing in my face. I reached a coffee shop that I wanted to get to just to wait off the paparazis trying to  get to me.

I went in and went to the counter, I forgot that I was noticed and I took my hood off. The lady at the counter saw me and instantly grew big eyes. That's when I put my hood back on.

Lady: You're Justin Bieber. She said , not too loud for everyone to hear.

- Yes. I said with no expression. Can I just get one vanilla frappe? please. I said giving her the money.

- Yes I'll be right back. She said smiling really wide.

Chelsea POV

I heard someone rush in the door, but I obviously couldn't see since I had my head down. I looked up and saw a boy at the counter ordering, the women was looking at him like he was a billion bucks. I couldn't see the front of him though. Then that's when he turned around and I ended up seeing him..it was Justin, I had to see it coming.

We ended up staring at eachother before he rushed over to me. I quickly turned away to tel him I didn't want to see or speak to him. But that didn't work, He still came.

He sat down at my booth and just stared at me, I tried avoiding his stare. Honestly I didn't want him to be here at all!

-Chelsea. He whispered.

I ignored him and kept looking down.

- Chelsea, please just talk to me, I'm sorry. 

He said reaching for my hand on the table, but I snatched it away.

- I'm sorry that I did what I did. He added.

That's when I looked up.

- Are you really? Because last time I checked, you didn't care about me when you did that. I said in a annoyed voice.

- Yes, I know that. But now I realize that I was being a jerk when I said that-

- Yes, yes you were being a jerk. I said loudly.

- And I won't you to know that I don't love her, I love you and only you. He said reaching for my hand again.

I didn't say anything I just let him talk.

- It was a terrible mistake for me to do that, just please forgive me, it won't hapen again. I'm sorry Chelsea. 

I really had to think about this, I had to think about all of it and why? because I wanted to know if he would ever do it again.

I sighed and said,

- I forgive you but only and only if you promise me that you won't do what you did before. I said.

- I promise. He said.

- Okay. I sighed.

He got out of his booth and sat in mine. He scooted closer to me and held me in his arms. I really like this feeling of being in his arms, knowing that everything is okay now.


We were now at home, well going inside. We were greeted by Jazzy and Jaxon at the door. They ran up to me and hugged my legs.

- Where wuh you. Jazzy said.

- I was just out. I said hugging both of them.

I picked Jaxon up while Justin picked Jazzy up.

We all walked into the living room  area and was greeted in there by a lot of questions.

- Where were you Chelsea? Kaitlyn asked.

- Where did you go?  Janet asked.

- Are you okay? Alaska asked also.

- Tell us what happened. Christian said.

Of course they all knew what happened because it was all over the news. You know how that happened, Of course it was from the paparazzis. I got my phone and saw that I got a lot of messages and tweets on twitter that were saying "Whats going on with JELSEA?" and What happened to Justin and Chelsea?" and "Are Justin and Chelsea getting back together. 

Obviously I had to clean all of this up. So I decided to make a video and post it on twitter and youtube. And instagram. So that's what I did. 







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