True love

Niall and Kendall have been friends forever. What happens when he tells Kendall that he loves her? Does she back? Can he protect her?


1. he loves me?

"Kendall" "yes?" "I love you" his words hit me hard and fast. "Niall" for some reason I was mad and angry. "Yes?" "How dare you choose to tell me now?! I have known you for 15 fricken years!" I screamed at him. My fist clenching the swing chain that connects to the bright baby blue swing I was sitting on." I-I" I could tell I scared him by my outburst. He stood up and grabbed my hand I walked with him to a tree. He gentley pushed me up to the oak tree and kissed me lightly. I started to kiss him back which made him kiss me more. I wanted it to never to end. He finally pulled away and look at me. I loved him, truly.

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