True love

Niall and Kendall have been friends forever. What happens when he tells Kendall that he loves her? Does she back? Can he protect her?


2. cheating

I walked with Niall to the door of the party. I could here the music a block down. " Niall" "yeeesss" "do you go to these parties allll the time?" "Occasionally". As soon as got to the door, the smell of beer, smoke, and sweat filled the air. Niall dragged me to the dance floor, and I guess we started, grinding? I didn't know. "I'm gonna go get us some drinks, k? "Sure" then he left me alone on the dance floor. "Kendall!" I turned around to see my tipsy best friend, Alice. " where'd Niall go?" "Drinks" she nodded. About an half an hour passed and no sign of Niall. I went upstairs and checked all the rooms, all of them were with other people but I stopped at one, I heard moaning. I opened the door to find Niall having sex with another girl.

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