Dollhouse (1D Fan Fiction)

Contains: Sexual contact, Language, Death, Demons, Vampires, ect. Gay contact. Any time of contact anyway... So made for ages: 16 to 25+


27. what??

Isla POV

What is going on? Now Louis' little neice is involve with this and its Louis' fault, but why she was here? It just dont make sense at all. I got up and then her face changed, she looked at Louis and shook her head.

"You didnt?"

Refering to my neck which still killed of pain, i might as well died. She came closer and moved my hair back to look at it, she had ice cold hands and crisom lips, she didnt look like a 12 year old.

"Your lucky she is still alive, If you had drain anymore she would of been one of us"

Felicia looked at Louis who was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands, i guess he could take it. If i didnt tell him to stop i would of been a dracula, i wouldnt be able to face mom or dad again or be a little sister i will have to go with Louis and Liam to there world, live out my days there.

But thankfully it never happened.

At the moment im alive and most of all loved by two men of different kinds, thats the best thing anyone could have and im lucky to be alive.

But now Felicia is here i dont know how she is going to help me in understanding these boys...

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