Dollhouse (1D Fan Fiction)

Contains: Sexual contact, Language, Death, Demons, Vampires, ect. Gay contact. Any time of contact anyway... So made for ages: 16 to 25+


6. Vampire

Louis' POV

I cant believe this, Dads asked me to go chasing ghosts when i could do my duties back at the castle. Being a commener for a while is gonna kill me but its all to impress father to say im a suitable lord for when the time comes and now he is making me follow Liam Payne because he dont trust him, i dont trust him but its his mission.

I got to my room and reached under the bed for the little suitcase, i pulled it out and flicked off the bug that was sat on the top. I started getting my clothes and placing them in the bag, the my mother came in.

"You alright Louis? You seem tense son"

I sat on the bed and she came towards me, i was stressing out to much and Liam is going to be there for a while and that means so do i.

"Its dad, he has asked me to keep an eye on Liam. It always do this! do that! Sometimes i think he cares about this kingdom more then me"

Mom smoothed out my brown hair and kissed my cheek, she was always the to be loveable and she is the nicest mother ever. Im grateful that i have someone like her in my life as well as my dad who doesnt show anything towards me.


"You know thats not true Louis, he loves you. He has always been that person who never shows his feelings, you will be fine"

I hope she is right because if Liam fails, i fail with him. And so i have to watch over him so he doesnt cock up.


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