Dollhouse (1D Fan Fiction)

Contains: Sexual contact, Language, Death, Demons, Vampires, ect. Gay contact. Any time of contact anyway... So made for ages: 16 to 25+


7. Liam and Louis

Liam POV

I got my things ready, i knew i was going to be away for a long time since as this girl is only 14. I mean why scare a 14 year old? She might not believe in us and she might be ugly or that kind of person that if they see something they would whack it. I dont want a messed up head. I walked to the portal key at the end of the street, i turned round to see Niall, Harry and Zayn smiling at me.

They waved and Harry blew me a kiss, making fun of me again. I waved back at them and walked through the swirling colours to the other side, i quicked my pace up i all the sudden i opened my eyes and i was back in the world again.

I saw children playing and the noise of modern cars which ive heard about from other people, i walked again and looked at the peice of paper that had the address on. Well i was on the right road and i need to keep walking until i reach the number 142 so i might as well start, you think everyone can see me.

No they cant, remember im a ghost. If people walked at me they would walk strianght though my body, it tickles when it happens.

Louis Pov

I looked around if anyone was watching and saw my father in the tower looking down at me, mother waved to me and i waved back. She smiled but like me i guess she was scared of what i had to do, it wasnt a murder mission it was just a follow one and if i fucked this up he will be dead and so will i.

I walked through the portal and came to a street with my bag hurting my back, i looked around and saw everything that i remember it like nothing has changed but thats not true of course everything has changed. Then i saw Liam, Shit! i hid behind a tree.

He must of been looking for the house and he was looking at one at the same time, i kept behind the tree until he started to walk into the drive i peered around the corner to see if he was gone. Finally.

I walked quickly up to the drive and saw him disappear into the door way, i looked around to see if anyone was by me and i slipped down into the floor to the basement. I moved my hand across my face to revel where he was, it was like x-ray vison that helpped me to see though walls or some solid object.

He was in her bedroom and he went into the wardroom which was abannoned, concreted up. He stayed in there and i stoped downstairs in the basement, hopefully tonight when she comes home and goes to bed Liam will scare her.

Lets just hope.

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