Dollhouse (1D Fan Fiction)

Contains: Sexual contact, Language, Death, Demons, Vampires, ect. Gay contact. Any time of contact anyway... So made for ages: 16 to 25+


2. Flash Back

*Flash Back*

Its the morning of Isla Jame's birthday, well i could say she is 6, but she doesnt care about her age at the moment cause' she wants that dollhouse that her Nanny James promised her before she died.

'Happy Birthday Isla'

She woke up to a cold breeze against her face, she woke with a shuddler and looked around her very pink bedroom. It was nothing, what was she afaid of? Nothing. Isla looked at the princess clock and noticed the time, she quickly jumped out of her bed and ran all the way down the hallway.

She passed her sisters room, Isla opened her and went in to room. Julia's room was more mature for her age and it was splashed in colours like purples, blacks and grey, Isla did like her room but nothing beats her pink room. She ran to the bed of her 11 year old sister and shoke her roughly.

"Jules its my birthday. Wake up". Isla waited until a response.

"Go away Ice, its too early yet". Julia mumbled in her sleep and she turned over to face the other way.

Isla got off the bed and ran to her parents room, when she got there they wasnt there and that was weird. She heard something downstairs and it came from the kitchen, she knows that voice anywhere. It was her fathers. She crept down the stairs and went up to the door frame, she looked in to see her parents still in there dressing gowns.

'I guess Dad never had work today'. She thought.

Her mother saw her and smiled, she nugged her father and he turned around to face her as well. Just at that time her sister came downstairs, Julia was standing behind her and Isla looked up to her big sister.

Isla was always the father apple to his eye, his girl, his best friend. She was Daddy's girl and Julia was more like mother then anyone else, she had the same features but Isla had her Dads kind heart. She ran into her fathers arms and he picked her up, He hugged her tight and squeesed her little body.

"Daddy, Daddy your crushing me". Isla giggled into her fathers shoulder.

He kissed her cheek and placed her back down again, she grabbed his hand and he lead her into the living room where many presents stand tall and large. The first thing that she saw was the dollhouse, Isla looked at her mother and back at the wooden present.

Her father whispered in her ear as he crouched down, "Just like what Nanny James promised you, Princess", she was very close to her nan and always has been. Her death caused Isla to go into deep grief then her father and grandfather.

This was going to be a wonderful day for her..

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