Dollhouse (1D Fan Fiction)

Contains: Sexual contact, Language, Death, Demons, Vampires, ect. Gay contact. Any time of contact anyway... So made for ages: 16 to 25+


15. Alive

Liam POV

I tryed to keep it in my head but it was impossible to, i mean yeah i love Louis but something also tells me that i love Isla. She is beautiful and when i think about it so much, Isla is the girl version of Louis.

She is just the same.

A nice laugh, sparkly eyes and white smile.

I never thought i would say this but i think im bisexual and i think thats werid, even for me to say that about myself and i like Louis he was there for me when i needed help back then. But i think thats why we was brought together this point in history because Isla is both of our dreams, she was meant for us to be together and she would help our two worlds come together and live in peace.

We wouldnt have to fight or get killed or even have these missions. Isla was our key to freedom. Anyway when we woke and saw Isla she was smiling at both of us, she couldnt see us but by the cold rush and cold feeling she knew we was there, no way was we leaving her.

Her golden brown hair gittered in the sunlight, her sunkissed skin and pink lips.

She was beautiful the way we was seeing her right now, so beautiful. She got up and wondered out of bed, her hair trailed down her back to her ass and when she stood it covered the whole of her ass. She put on a small, pink robe and fastened it. She sat back on the bed and messed with her hair, i sat up and pressed myself against her back.

Her neck went to the side so i could slip in like a puzzle, kissing her long neck was so amazing and passionate. Louis sat up and fitted right behind me, he put his head on the other side of Isla and we all just stayed there. Enjoying the crisp moment and i dont think we are going to have other one like this ever again.

"Isla.. You know what we are and we have broke our rules"

Louis said in a worried voice.

"I know, you need to go back home"

Wait what is she saying? I know we broke the rules but we would never leave her.

"Isla.. If i had a soul it would belong to you"

She turned around and faced me, i knew what she was going to say but i never knew it would happen that quick.

"Seen as you have already broken the rules, let me see you"

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