The Nurse

.............. Days are passing with time, but not for our beloved Harry Styles... He's stuck in a rigid room, lying in one position at all times. What might be the change to this system, and will the human statue of Harry move or will it stay still in the end? ...............

A new story line, with a massive intellectual reflection of romance, drama, and thrilling events.

Quote: Rebeca: " You are a good listener aren't you? I would pay anything to hear you talk instead of me for once..."


76. Splash!

Rebeca's POV:

I asked one of the security guards over the runway, and they told me where to go. I clonked my heels over the hangers and the various models who were changing, and then I noticed Harry and Cara talking and laughing a little. I walked towards them slowly, but to my complete shock, she looked at me and directly splashed a kiss on Harry’s lips! Hold it right there! What!?

Harry pushed Cara away from her shoulders and cursed:
 “Bloody Hell! What was that for!?” He noticed me standing there, and he directly came to me running. It’s like the whole scene with Nick again playing over with Harry this time… God I am so stupid! “Bab-…” I cut him off and spoke coldly: “Don’t even say it. Enjoy your night…” I turned my heels and started to walk but he strongly held me close; oh no not this time Harry.

I pushed his arms off of my waist and hissed:
 “Don’t touch me.” I walked away and as soon as I reached outside, I felt Harry was still behind me. I started running as fast as I could in my heels, and I heard his footsteps jog faster behind me; as soon as I scanned a taxi, I road in it and ordered the driver to go fast. Harry’s face was reflected in the driver’s mirror as he was catching his breath. I can’t believe that I didn’t tell Harry to just back off of Cara from the moment we met! I knew she was no good from the moment I saw her! That dirty little skunk! “South east on Grenache St. please…” I cried and spoke to the taxi driver; he nodded and took a left turn. I can’t believe this is happening all over again, why me!?

Harry’s POV:

Why on earth would Cara pull of such action!? God, I knew Rebeca had a point about here; but who would have thought that Cara, my good friend, would do that just to make my angel and I to be this torn!? I slammed the door of my hotel room, and flunk myself on the bed as the whole image replayed in my head. I smelled her perfume over the bed sheets, I grabbed the pillow she slept on last night and hugged it as I a tear fell off from my eyes. She’ll never even try to talk to me anymore… I should have listened to her from the start!

I suddenly heard multiple knocks on the door, so I wiped my tear and stood up hoping it was Becky; she’s back!? Oh baby, I can’t wait to see your face and apologize a billion times! I opened the door, and my hopes fell on the ground, once I noticed it was Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, Angela, and Sophia.
 “(I whispered.) What do you want?” Zayn pushed my hand over the door and made way for him and the others to go inside.

“What on earth did you do mate? We thought you were serious about Becks and now you go kiss Cara!?” Wait how did Liam know?! Did Rebeca tell them already?! “(I sat on my bed and cleared my throat.) I didn’t kiss her… I swear on my life I didn’t… She was the one that jumped over me and snogged me!” They all looked at each other, until Zayn spoke: “It’s all over TV! If you’re true to what you say now, then you better do something right away Harry! I never expected you to be this foolish…” Did they not hear what I just said!? I DID NOT KISS HER! CRISET!

“(I spoke out of depression as my head pointed down.) She’ll never listen to me anymore, I kept running after her and she just took off in a taxi to escape me…” Angela jumped from her seat and took Niall’s hand in hers: “Sophie? Liam? Follow us to the outside please?” The two couples stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me with Louis and Zayn.

“Honestly, if what you are saying is right mate, you should prove it to her that you didn’t kiss Cara. Did she notice that Cara was the one that approached you and not the opposite? (I nodded slowly.) If that’s the case then at least talk to her Harry…” Will she even answer my call if I did? Oh Becky please don’t leave me baby…

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