The Nurse

.............. Days are passing with time, but not for our beloved Harry Styles... He's stuck in a rigid room, lying in one position at all times. What might be the change to this system, and will the human statue of Harry move or will it stay still in the end? ............... .................. A new story line, with a massive intellectual reflection of romance, drama, and thrilling events. .................. Quote: Rebeca: " You are a good listener aren't you? I would pay anything to hear you talk instead of me for once..."


77. Plan

Rebeca’s POV:

I threw the dress and all what I had on, and just huddled with myself underneath the shower. I prayed with ever water drop that went down from the sprinkler to just erase my pain. I still can’t believe that this happened between Harry and I, between us! That’s even if there is an “Us”! Is there …? Ugh If only Harry listened to me from the beginning… I feel guilty leaving him like that and rushing to the taxi, wait why am I feeling guilty!? He’s the one that went backstage and he’s the one Cara kissed intentionally! I guess I’m not the only one after all.

I slipped on my Pjs (, and went to sunk in my bed; but that’s was interrupted by knocks on the door. I walked down the stairs like a grumpy person who wished never to walk again, as I answered the door. Angela and Sophia instantly rushed me in a triple hug as I sighed and they rubbed my back in attempt of comfort. I hugged Liam and Niall, while they entered to the inside.

“Can we please have something to eat?” I pointed to the kitchen direction to Niall, as he got up and headed there. “Baby girl, look at yourself. (I sighed and she proceeded.) You know no one deserves this from you; not even Harry.” I widened my eyes and responded without thinking: “Don’t say that about him!” Sophia smiled and replied: “It was a test, so you still love him don’t you?” I groaned and followed Niall to the kitchen; I can’t be interrogated about this right now.

Angela’s POV:

“Ok, now that we are sure that it’s only a little friction between them, let’s proceed with the plan. Sophie you know what to do. (She nodded and went upstairs.)” I need this mess to end! Clearly Harry isn’t the one to blame; Cara was the one that pushed herself on him.“You know, I think I have something to add up to the plan (He smiled.) I’ll be right back as well, Angie.” Liam stood up and walked towards the bathroom typing something in his phone; I hope all of our hard work won’t go to waste.

Two minutes from Liam’s leave, Sophia returns with a smile of a job well done on her face; and she sits down beside me.
“Well!? Did it work?” She giggled for an unknown reason and answered: “I yelled at him on the phone, and I told him to call her like any minute now. I just hope she picks up.” I nodded and hugged her with Liam’s return. “Looks like my addition to the plan is cooking on the stove of success as well!” Sophia kissed Liam’s cheek as he sat down beside us. “Well, what are you waiting for Li, tell us!” Sophia and I begged, and he chuckled in a low voice. “You’ll know in the right time girls. (He placed his arm over Sophia’s shoulders.) I promise.” Well, whatever Liam is up to, it better work!

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