The Nurse

.............. Days are passing with time, but not for our beloved Harry Styles... He's stuck in a rigid room, lying in one position at all times. What might be the change to this system, and will the human statue of Harry move or will it stay still in the end? ............... .................. A new story line, with a massive intellectual reflection of romance, drama, and thrilling events. .................. Quote: Rebeca: " You are a good listener aren't you? I would pay anything to hear you talk instead of me for once..."


54. It's My Becky's Time

Harry’s POV:

I was stretching my hand to hug my angle, but I noticed there was nobody beside me; since my hand landed on an empty space. I turned around, and by mistake, a box fell down from my night stand. I smiled as I picked it up, it was the box that had the ring she brought me; I glanced on my finger and a vision of her face appeared in my mind sight. I found a paper that said: “To Harry.” I took it from its place and opened it to read.

I sighed, since I really wanted to see her before she left; I really am getting attached to her over the range. I wish I could meet her parents… Wait! That’s exactly what I’ll do! Becky has been more than wonderful with my mom; I should at least show her that I can be like that with her parents too. She deserves all the good and peace in this world, and I want her to be happy with me; I still feel a little guilty on my mistreatment to her last night. And that’s when a flashback hit me from last night:


“Harold, how do you feel since it’s your birthday son?” My dad spoke, and I got nervous; I really don’t get along with him, plus I can never forget how he left me when I needed him the most. “(I spoke coldly.) Good. What brings you here?” He smirked and took a sip from his glass, I looked at Niall as his hand patted my back; thank God someone was here to help me through this. “Well, I thought that my son can lend me some money; that’s ok with you right?”

How on earth is this person my father? It’s my birthday and he didn’t even care to wish it to me properly! He’s here for me to lend him money?! “I’ll send you a check when I can…” I mumbled and pushed Niall’s shoulder to head to the bar for drinks. I needed to drink and forget, I can’t remember all the pain I have witnessed from his cruel and innocent killing treatment to me; when I was young…

(End of Flashback)

I shook my head, breathing out all that negative memories from last night. It’s not my time to be taken care of, it’s my Becky’s time; and I will make sure that her parents will be happy with me. I’ll make you proud baby, I promise. I know she said she loved me and she forgave me, but still I owe it for her. I stood up from bed and took out some clothes to put on after I shower.

As soon as I was done, I packed my phone and wallet in my pocket; and left the house.
“Bernie, take me to Becky’s house, please?” He nodded and turned on the engine as we took off. “Wait Bernie? Could you stop by the bakery? I need to grab something.” He replied: “Certainly sir.” I smiled at him, and he preceded going on the right navigation. I flicked my twitter and typed in something quick; before the car stopped and I went out to the bakery. Even when she’s not with me, I manage to smile when I think of her constantly; gosh I love you so much Rebeca…

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