The Nurse

.............. Days are passing with time, but not for our beloved Harry Styles... He's stuck in a rigid room, lying in one position at all times. What might be the change to this system, and will the human statue of Harry move or will it stay still in the end? ...............

A new story line, with a massive intellectual reflection of romance, drama, and thrilling events.

Quote: Rebeca: " You are a good listener aren't you? I would pay anything to hear you talk instead of me for once..."


51. Here We Go...

…. At 2:15 am ….

Rebeca's POV:

I slid on my Pjs and cried more as I covered myself with my duvet in full depression. Will this be the last night I sleep in this house? Does this mean that Harry and I will never speak to one another? Should I start packing my stuff again tomorrow? More tears fell off my face as I wept in silence. That silence wasn’t everlasting, since shortly I felt large stomps enter the house downstairs.

“Easy now, rest here mate.” The Irish tone rang in my ears, Niall? My curiosity dragged me out of my bed, as I stood up looking for a blonde guy downstairs. He placed a groaning Harry on a sofa, while he huffed his inhale. “Niall?” I spoke in whispers, as he looked up at me and smiled. “(He whispered, as he pointed his finger for me to get down.) He’s drank a lot after you left, I can’t carry him all the way upstairs; he’s just so heavy.” I nodded as I crossed my hands over my chest; why do you keep doing this to yourself Harry? Don’t you know I hate it when you are careless?

“(I whispered.) Get upstairs, and get him a pair of Pjs; I’ll help you dress him up here.” He nodded silently and went up to Harry’s room, leaving me alone with a barely awake boyfriend. His eyes were closed, while he wiggled his head left and right in some sort of annoyance; I found myself kneeling down to his level, and wiping the sweat drops from his forehead.“(He murmured, as his eyes opened and looked at me. Obviously he was still light headed.) “Babyyyyy!” I couldn’t control my giggling, he was really funny while drunk talking; I kept rubbing his forehead softly; as his smile grew out of nowhere at me.

“Is this alright?” Niall surprised me by appearing with a pair of Harry’s Pjs; I turned my head and nodded. He pulled Harry up as he groaned and whined like a little child.“Becky do you mind taking everything off while I hold him still?” I hid my blush, and I nodded to what Niall requested. I unbuttoned Harry’s shirt off, and that caught his attention; even though he was drunk; he still smirked at what I just did. I bent down to zip down Harry’s boots, and he sort of helped me by kicking them off of his feet like a kid.

“Hold still, mate.” Niall held him in a straight posture, while I unzipped his pants slowly; ok why am I warming up right now, this is so embarrassing in front of Niall! I dragged Harry’s pants down his legs and as soon as they detached from his body, he pushed Niall away and started running like a fool! “Oh god, here we go…” Niall groaned as I couldn’t control my laughter, I just fell off the ground and chuckled; while he chased the crazy Harry. “Harry stop! You’ll catch a cold!” He yelled and Harry kept running upstairs, laughing so hysterically that it made me chuckle harder. I took his clothes and followed them upstairs.

“Good boy Harry, now sleep.” Niall was speaking like a parent, while Harry was crashed in his bed in a full tired out zone. “(He whispered.) He’ll be fine in the morning love; just don’t bother yourself with anything that happened with him tonight. He cried so much when you left, and that’s what led him to drink more… (He sighed and gave me a smile, while I was in complete shock of what I just heard.) Hehe, you know he thought I was you in the car with him, so he was calling me baby and touching my face like a fool! Hahahahah! He kept apologizing until we reached here; he really loves you Becky. Just keep that in mind…” I laughed in silence, and basically I couldn’t but hug Niall for telling me all of this.

“Good night Niall.” He kissed my cheek and walked downstairs to leave. As soon as I heard the door close downstairs, I turned my head to the barley dressed young fellow of mine, sleeping with no cover what so ever. I smiled and walked inside, as I stretched out the bed sheets over him, and tucked him in carefully.

I turned to leave, but I was stopped by a slurry voice cooing: “Be-Beckyyy… Is that y-you babbyyy?” Poor thing, I can’t be tough on him anymore; I turned my back and walked to him again, as I sat beside him on the edge and ruffled his hair in comfort, until I felt he was dozing off in a good sleep. 

“(He whispered.) St-stayyy…” I smiled and lifted the duvet to cover him and I, while he traced his hands over my waist and hugged me from the behind; in other words: he spooned me in complete warmth. He placed his chin on my shoulder, and I felt his smile form on his face. “I-I love youuu…” Were the last words he whispered in my ear before he dozed off, and for that; I smiled to myself and closed my eyes.

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