The Nurse

.............. Days are passing with time, but not for our beloved Harry Styles... He's stuck in a rigid room, lying in one position at all times. What might be the change to this system, and will the human statue of Harry move or will it stay still in the end? ............... .................. A new story line, with a massive intellectual reflection of romance, drama, and thrilling events. .................. Quote: Rebeca: " You are a good listener aren't you? I would pay anything to hear you talk instead of me for once..."


35. And...?

Rebeca’s POV:

“I’m sorry if I scared you…” He spoke as we both dropped the incredible kiss to take a breath. “(I stared at him with no action or words to say. He noticed, that’s why he spoke again.) I couldn’t leave you mad at me tonight, that’s why I sat down with my mom; and I told her everything.” Strangely, Harry smiled after he finished talking; wait, he and his mom talked!? What did she say!? “And…?” I gestured for more information; he played his fingers with mine.

“She was the one responsible for me showing up here. (My eyes glowed as Harry smiled and proceeded.) I told you love, she is very understanding. (I sighed as our fingers kept fiddling with each other.) I’m sorry I lied, I shouldn’t have and you are right…” He was so cute apologizing like a child guilty for breaking a vase, I hugged him and he draped his hands around me, pulling me to sit on his lap instead of the table edge. “No more lies?” I whispered as we cuddled in the same position. “No more baby…” I smiled in relief as he held me in complete care and warmth.

An idea popped in my mind all of a sudden, and for that I dropped our embrace and stood up.
 “How about we finish our date?” I smiled and Harry followed my action. “But how will we do tha-…” I interrupted him with placing my finger on his lips: “No but(s). Leave it to me.” He kissed my finger and I blushed as I fetched all the stuff I needed. I brought them back to the living room, and Harry chuckled once he saw me carrying an infinite amount of items all together ( He stood up and took them from me to place them on the couch. Thankfully I managed to change my clothes to my Pjs, before I came back to Harry.

I saw him smirking while his devilish eyes scanned my legs. “Are these shorts comfy?” I chuckled once I heard his question, I just walked away blushing and I placed the DVD in. “Moulin Rouge” is one of the ultimate romantic movies which I like, that’s why I felt that it matches the whole scene that I am trying to create. I turned off the lights and I saw Harry loosen up and freeing a place for me to lie down beside him on the couch. I sat beside him and poured a little bit of ice cream for my own serving, and as soon as I closed the bucket; his arms pulled me back to rest in his dreamy touch. I ate in silence, as we both focused on the wide screenplay in front of us. “(He whispered.) Babe could I have some please?” I smiled as my eyes were focused on the TV, I scooped some from my bowl, and I fed it to him slowly; he kissed my forehead and kept rubbing my shoulder as we proceeded watching this incredible movie.

…. The Next Morning ….

Harry's POV:

I woke up a little stiff and rigid. I noticed that I wasn’t lying down in my bed, and nor have I even changed my clothes. But what made me want to fall asleep again, was that heavenly creature sleeping in my arms. She was wrapped up perfectly in my hold, and her soft head was lying innocently on my chest in complete comfort. I slowly kissed her forehead and closed my eyes to dive in another round of sleep. I still can’t believe how tough last night was, and how everything ended up perfectly. I would do anything, but lose her. She is my cure to everything, and without her I would have still been a lost soul with a desperate romantic will on a mission to find true love.

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