Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


3. Chapter 3

At 5 o'clock me Beth and Ellen made it back to my house.

"Mum? Me and the girls are going upstairs!" I called, pulling my bags behind me, "Alright Love, hi girls!" My Mum called back in response from her office. I gestured my head to the stairs and we all ran up, taking the few bags we had each with us.


"So, we have 2 hours to get you ready for your date!" Beth squealed, placing her bags excitedly on my bed along with ours. "Im not going" I huffed, Ellen gasped loudly causing me to chuckle lightly. "And why not?" Beth asked me sternly. I turned to face them both. "Because I only met him last night and he's rude....let alone the fact I didn't know a thing about this date until he said earlier!" I said in my defence. Ellen tutted, "Go for it Carmen! Hes so hot! And he makes you blush, just give it a chance!" She stuttered, I glared at her, "Did I mention he's hot?" She raised an eye brow at me. I shook my head, holding in the laugh that would only encourage her silly comments. I turned back to face my bed and pulled the bottom of my new look and primark bags up, letting the contents fall out onto the bed. I could tell the girls eyes were still stuck on me, waiting for an answer.

I huffed loudly. "OKay okay, i'll go!" I said, they both squealed in excitement, hugging me roughly. "But help me get ready" I pushed them both off me. Ellen took me by the wrist and physically barged me into my bathroom. "Shower....we'll do the outfit!" She grinned before slamming my bathroom door shut in my face. I heard muffled laughter and voices, instead of sulking and groaning like I was thinking of doing, I let the shower run and dropped my clothes, climbing into the bath tub where the water fell. 

I made sure I was squeaky clean before I climbed out of the bath, my body and hair dripping. I walked out  of the steamy bathroom with towels wrapped around me.I sat on the stool in front of my desk. "C'mon then, what have you fot prepared for me then?" I huffed,completely bored. Beth done her casual little hop to face me,holding a short black material. "It's perfect for your curves!" She sung. I held it, and rubbed the pad of my thumb over the smooth but stretchy material. It was a body con dress, meaning it was tight. I rolled my eyes slightly, "I'll be freezing!" I suddenly blurted out. Beth wagged her finger at me. "We have a pair of thick tights for you" She chucked another piece of clothing at me, revealing in being the thick pair of tights. I nodded and continued to watch them show off the items of clothing and accessories they had chosen for my date with Harry.

"This necklace, with these earrings and bangles!" Ellen held gold items in front of my face. I took the necklace from her hands, it was a short chain length, with gold stubby daggers pointing downwards on it. It was nice. "Well, let me get dressed and then you can do something with this" I said, waving a flat hand in front of my face. "...and this" I said, waving the other hand around my hair. They both nodded and leaped onto my bed, waiting for me to finish changing.


Im not going to lie, the outfit the girls had chosen for me, was pretty nice. The dress hugged me in all the right places, consisting in my boobs and bum in looking rather larger then normal. The necklace hung comfortably around my neck and the bangles spiced up my boring bare arms. 

"Sit" Ellen ordered me, once they admired my outfit. I did as they said and sat in front of my dresser, staring at my bare ugly face and the locks of wavy damp hair hung around my face. Beth decided that her job was make-up. We went with the natural look and only done one full layer of eye liner, adding a flick in the corner of each eye, and brushed quickly through my lashes with mascara. Beth swept some blusher onto my cheeks and done a few layers of red lipstick,

Whilst Beth painted my finger-nails red, Ellen was in charge of my hair, she brushed the knotty mess through, then dried it quickly. "Straight or natural?" She asked me, holding my head in her hands and talking to me through the mirror in front of me. "Natural" I nodded. In the end my hair do consisted of a high messy bun and small amounts of my hair were pulled out and set nicely in front of my ears, shaping my face.


"Just in time!" Beth said said from the window. She looked at me, pulling her eyes from the sight that was outside. "Your dates here!" She beamed her flashy smile at me. I huffed and stood up from the stool that was boiling hot from the amount of time I had sat in it. "You look amazing Carmen!" Ellen grinned, her eyes tracking me up and down. 
"Cone onnnn!" Beth pleaded at us both. I heard the door knock as we headed down the stairs. "Mum dont get i--" I called.
Too late, her hand had already grabbed the handle and open the door. "Well hello" She smiled to the person outside the house. "Hi,im here to pick Carmen up, Im taking her out, if thats okay with you Ma'am" A husky, yet so polite voice spoke. I peeped round the corner.

My eyes tried to stay in their sockets as I witnessed Harrys familiar yet so much better then usual look. He wore a white shirt tucked neatly into a pair of black skinnies and a pair of black converses. His hair was pushed back at his forehead making his green eyes look brighter then usual. His eyes widely scanned me from foot to head, a small smirk appearing on his face, I tutted and blushed as him flashed his famous wink at me. "Carmen, you didn't tell me you had a date?" My Mum grinned at me, I shook my head at her pleasuring. "Well, it was quite short notice" I emphasized the end of my sentance, glaring at Harry in the corner of my eyes. He chuckled, shaking his head slightly. I slipped into my black wedges and collected my keys purse and phone and placed them in small shoulder bag. "You ready?" Harry asked me,I nodded. He's being nice, too nice.

I kissed my mum goodbye and let the girls know that they were welcome to stay at mine until I returned.

If I ever Return?

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