Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


2. Chapter 2

It was 11'o'clock when I finally got back home. 
"Jesus Carmen! Where have you been?" My Mum rushed towards me with open arms, tugging me into a deep hug. "Sorry Mum, I caught up with someone" I excused myself. She nodded. "Now your home safe, I can go to bed!" She clapped her hands together. I chuckled, pulling my vans off of my feet. "Mum Im 19, I'm sure I'm okay, you can trust me!" I stammered. She stopped at the stairs. "It's not you I don't trust dear, it's London that I don't trust, goodnight" She smiled.

I sighed and wandered into the kitchen pouring myself a glass if water and gulping the substance down. 
I remembered to switch off all of the downstairs lights before I headed up to bed 

"Goodnight Mum" I whispered, passing my Mums room on the way to mine. 
I grabbed a brush of my desk and pulled it through my dark wavy hair before pulling it back into a loose pony-tail and pulling a hair and round it. 

It didn't take long for me to undress and slip into a long tee then climb under my warm duvets. 
I set my alarm clock for 8 before finding my eye mask and slapping it around and over my eyes.


The loud annoying noise of my alarm clock made me groan in its response. I hate the early mornings. 
It took me a while for my eyes to adjust to the bright sun peeking through my blinds. I stretched and threw myself out of my bed before I ended up collapsing my head back into my pillow.
I waded across my bedroom to my bathroom and dropped all of my clothes before switching the shower on. 

I watched the water rapidly fall from the head. I stuck my hand in to test the temperature, perfect. I climbed in and enjoyed the warm water evaporate the dirt from my skin. It felt so good as the drops of water hit my hair, dripping through my long locks. 
I slopped some of my cocoanut shampoo and conditioner into my hair and rubbed it in roughly before allowing the water to wash it slowly away.

I stepped out into the steamy bathroom and wrapped a towel around my wet naked body, tucking the towel corner underneath my armpit. I grabbed a smaller towel to obtain the drops of water around my head before making my way back to my bedroom to change. 

It isn't take me long to dress into my outfit of the day, which consisted of, skinny denim jeans, a vest and a knitted jumper. I dried my hair I it's full capacity and only added a small amount of mascara to my sea blue eyes and swept some blusher on my fine line cheek bones. 

I grabbed my phone, purse and keys from my side table and shoved all of the items into my bag apart from my phone which I slipped into my back pocket.

My Mum was still asleep when I got downstairs. I pulled out some paper and wrote a note for her, mentioning I will be back late as I'm having a day with my girls. 

I grabbed a banana from the fruit bowel which I finished in no time and left the house, licking the front door behind me.

It wasn't until 9:40 that I spotted Ellen and Beth standing by the parks lamp posts waiting for me. I ran up to them, hugging then both. "So sorry in late, traffic shit this morning" I excused myself. "No worries, lets go" Ellen beamed her blonde smile to me. I nodded and we both turned and headed off to the parks exit. 

"What are you planning in getting today the. Carmen?" Beth asked me as we paced down Oxford street. "Well, I picked up the last of my mums present yesterday, but I wanna find somewhere to get a christmas jumper, they are so cute!" I said in response.
"Yeah they are" A manly voice spoke, we all jumped slightly at a different voice, turning around to see who it was.

He stood wearing a leather coat, a white v neck tee underneath and a pair of brown boots and black skinnies. 
"You?" I grunted. Beth and Ellen looked a little surprised on me knowing this amazingly hot but ride guy. "Hey babe" He flashed a wink at me, no matter how sexy that was, just unite it I told myself. 
Ellen nudged my arm. "So Carmen...are you going to introduce us to your friend?" She wide eyed e. I shook my head un-noticeably. "Beth, Ellen, this is Harry, Harry....this is Beth and Ellen" I sighed in the most flat voice I had Harry smirked at my effort in web talking about him. 

"I'm glad I saw you again Clumsy, I just wanted to tell you that In picking you up from your place tonight at 7 for that date you promised me" He flashed yet anther wink. My two best friends gawped their mouths open. "Harry...what?" I mumbled, glaring at him. A sigh of relief ran through me a I remembered he doesn't know where I live. "So I'll pick you up from number 4 Prittle Close at 7 to night, wear something..." He looked me up and down. "Sexy" He husked. 
"Wait....how do you know here I live?" U asked him, taking a step forward with my left foot. He grinned turning then walking off in the opposite direction. 
"He filled me home, of course" I grunted to myself. 

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