Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


14. Chapter 14

"How come you have the house to yourself then?" I asked Harry as he lifted his arm for me to cuddle under. I accepted his loving offer and pulled my knees up to my chest and tucked my body under his arm, my head resting gently on his chest. "Well, Gemma's gone out with some of her friends, and who knows where mum and Robin are?" He grunted, I nodded. "What do you want to do?" Harry looked down at me.        "Can we watch a film?" I asked. He nodded. I jumped off from Harrys grip and walked over To a shelf stacked of movies. I felt Harrys hands at my hips. As he stood behind me. He nuzzled his face into my neck as I scanned through the box sets. "Harry" I groaned at him as he  kissed me slowly on the neck. "How about the notebook?" I said, pulling my head from him. "Something scary" Harry grinned. My heart stopped, oh god. I hate scary films. "This one" Harrys hand left my hip and grabbed a DVD. "Mama?" I questioned.                       "Yup" Harry popped the 'p'
I looked at the case. Scary movies with children in them are even worse. "Erm..okay" I stuttered. Harry looked at me, his eyebrows raised. "Are you scared?" He asked. I shook my head. He raised his brows even more. "Okay maybe a little....alot" I cringed. Harry lifted a hand to my face, and gently stroked my cheek. "I'll look after you baby" He whispered, his had slid round to the back of my neck and He pushed our faces closer together, out noses brushing. "You better" I whimpered, feeling weak at his touch we extended our lips to meet each others and kissed lightly. "I'll get the popcorn" I smiled. 
"No, I will" Harry said playfully. I love these moments. I turned and ran towards his kitchen. I was stopped by Harry wrapping his arms around me, lifting me up against his chest. He put me behind him and ran to the kitchen. "Oh it's on" I smirked to my self. I ran as fast as I could and launched on to Harrys back. I managed to climb round to the front of him. His cupped my bum in his hands  as I wrapped my arms around his neck ad my legs around his waist. "I'm doing the popcorn" I groaned using all my weight to pull him k the ground. I jumped off of him and tripped him up. "Ow" He groaned as he fell on the floor straight in his back. I climbed over him, holding my straddle position over him, hovering on my hands. "Told you, I'll get the popcorn" I bit my lip and leant down kissed him lightly as a tease and jumped up walking to the kitchen. I felt a hand grab me and pull me back making me jump. Harry smashed his lips on mine. At first I was shocked but soon my hands wrapped around his neck. He picked me up by my bum, once again with my legs wrapped around him. H pressed me against a wall. I fisted his short pulling him closer to me. "Harry, popcorn" I panted as he kissed and nipped at my neck. "I love you Carmen" the words got me every time I intertwined our hands and fingers as he put me down. " I love you Harry" I whimpered. and kissed him lightly.

We poured the cooked popcorn into a large orang bowl. "Harry!" I growled as he took a large handful before the movie started. He stuffed then all into his mouth and smiled. "Your not funny" I groaned at him, moving the bowl away from him. "No I'm stupid" He winked, reminding me of the first words I said to him. "Yes, yes you are" I teased him. "No, I'm sexy" He grinned, I cringed at the word. "Whatever" I rolled my eyes back. Truth is, he is incredibly sexy.

Half way through the film, most if the the popcorn was on the floor due to me jumping. Harry laughed every time. Harrys are was around me, his hand resting in my bum as I tucked my body into a ball and cuddled up to him, my head on his warm safe chest 
"You definitely jumped then" I told Harry as I felt his chest pump. "No I have the hiccups" He excused. I shook my head. 

"AHHH " I screamed as Mama shot across the screen. I shook my body. "Shh, it's okay baby I'm here" Harry soothed me, this was better then him laughing at me. He placed a soft kiss on my forehead. "Do you want to stay here tonight?" he asked me quietly. My body shivered in excitement at the though of Sharon a bed with Harry. "Are you sure you don't mind?" I quivered.
"Love, I'd adore it if you came to bed with me" He sweet talked me. I nodded.    
" I might wake up because if a nightmare" I stuttered in embarrassment. "Then i'll wake up with you" he spoke softly.
Jesus I love this boy.

"Could you wear my shirt to bed?" Harry asked as we stood in his room. I nodded and smiled. 
He pulled of his black shirt and chuckled it to me. I unzipped my onesie and merit fall to my feet, standing in my black bra and lace pants.
Harrys eyes popped out of his head. "Jesus Christ" He growled, I laughed and pulled the shirt over my head, it fell to my thighs. I pulled the straps of my bra down my arms and tried to unclip it. "Ey, let me" Harry smiled. I turned my back to him and his large warm hands travelled up my back, he in clipped my bra and it fell to the floor. "Harry" I moaned as his hands wandered to my chest, he cupped my boobs in his large hands. "Your so perfect" He whispered in my ear. Tilted my head back and kissed him lightly. His hands fell from my boobs and we both climbed into bed. "Night Harry" I whispered. 
"Night Baby" He muffled in my ear. His arms wrapped around me, he pulled me to his body. "I love you" He whispered.
"I love you" 

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