Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


13. Chapter 13

We both sat here in silence, just glancing at each other. "Are you going to start or what?" Carmen said quietly. I nodded an parted my lip to speak, only closing them again.
"Harry please" She whimpered, I nodded again, she needs to know. "I met Jen a few months back at Zayn's house party, I didn't find her very attractive, I found her easy" I chocked, Carmen's eyes watched me. "We started to talk, all I wanted from her was sex, she kept going on and on about all this lovey dovey crap that I wasn't interested in" Carmen shuffled further into the couch. "I kept telling her to wait, I didn't want her to know what I was using her for truthfully" I coughed, I ran a clammy hand through my curls. "Then you came along and everything changed, I didn't want to get too close To you because I know I'm not good enough, so I used her sex as a distraction" I continued. "And I'm also scared" I added, Carmen's face tilted in a look of confusion. "I've never felt like his about someone before Carmen" I said awkwardly, she began to smile. "This feeling of passion is foreign to me this feeling of...of love is new to me" He eyes widened at my words. 
"I love you Carmen" I slipped out. I couldn't believe I said it, the words felt so dangerous to let slip from my mouth. Her eye were very wide now, she had a huge beautiful smile on her face. She pushed her body off of the couch and swung her Leg over me. She straddled me, each hand laying on my shoulders, she sat close to me, the feeling of her above my crotch made it pulse in lust. Her face was close to mine, the tips of our noses brushing lightly. I gazed into her mesmerising blue eyes, I lifted my hand and brushed away a strand of dark hair from her beautiful face. "I love you Harry" She whispered.


"I love you Harry" I whispered in return of his gentle mean full words that aroused me. A small smile spread wide across his face, I took this opportunity to kiss him, I pressed my lips against his soft smile, "so much" I whimpered in the steamy kiss. I pushed my body further up his lap as our kiss deepened, I thrusted my body hard up and down his crotch area, grinding myself against him, Harrys hands slid down my back to my behind, cupping my in-motion cheeks tightly. "Err Carmen" Harry groaned against the kiss As I thrusted again and again up and back on his lap. Our lips parted an close in the kiss, Harry nipped at my bottom lip, sending my hormones crazy, he entered his tongue and I stroked mine against it, our heads dipped and rose in the fiery kiss. I let one of my hands fiddle with Harrys belt pulling at the annoying buckles. "Carmen..." Harry stopped, we both breathed heavily. "Harry let me, please show me how" I said slightly embarrassed, Harry nodded and lifted me up slightly tugging at his trousers, both his jeans and boxers went down as he tug. I gasped silently as his length pinged up, I smirked, it was good. "Like what you see?" Harry raised an eyebrow at me. I nodded and gulped, "don't be scared baby, I'll show you" he whispered. I nodded, I watched Harry hold himself, it was hot to watch my boyfriend hold his own pole. "Like this" He rolled his hand up an down slowly on his length. I nodded and wrapped my small hand around his penis. He flinched at my cold touch. The feeling in my hand was strange, I liked it. I pulled my hand up and down his long pole, I still grinded my body up and down his lap, I jerked my hand up and down as I moved against his lap. "Oh Carmen" Harry groaned, I quickened my speed and grip. I stopped grinding my self against him an lent down to face his pole. "Carmen..." Harry panted, I pressed a finger to his lips. "Shh" I whispered. I parted my lips and wrapped my mouth around him, my hand holding the bottom. Let my mouth take in as much as I could, I flicked my tongue over the tip of him. "Look at me Carmen" Harry huffed, I kept my lips around him and looked at his face. "Jesus" He groaned, I felt him jerk his hips and a salty liquid filled my mouth. I swallowed it down and climbed of his lap, breathing. "My turn" Harry pulled his pants up. My breathing quickened at his words. I nodded and gulped. I sat on his sofa my legs up and parted, I pulled my onesie down my whole body ad threw it aside, leaving me in my bra and laced underwear. "Your so hot" He dirty worded me. I flinched as I felt a cold finger invade my panties. He tugged at me, sliding the material down my legs. "Your so ready for me" He grinned. I kept quiet as Harry rubbed slow circles around my sex. I arched my back of the sofa. "Harry" I moaned quietly. I finger slowly  entered me, then two more, the feeling was in believably pleasurable. Harry lowered his face down to my sex, "you sure?" He looked up at me. I nodded and gulped. I felt a wet muscle touch me 
, Harrys tongue rapidly lapped me up, eating me a way I never knew you could be eaten, the feeling was incredible as he flicked his tongue over me, sending my moans loud and clear.

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