Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


11. Chapter 11

After the football fight incident we all drove into town, Ellen and Beth went in Zayn's and Liam's car, consisting on me and Harry being alone. Harry still had a face like stone. It kind of scared me. "Ha-Harry relax" I stuttered quietly. His face was still screwed up and angry. I lifted my hand off My lap and placed it just above Harrys knee. My touch instantly soothing him. His face relaxed and his breathing normal. "I'm sorry Carmen" He muttered. I rubbed my hand gently up and down his leg. "It's fine" I said softly. Harry looked at my hand then at me before latching his eyes back on the road ahead of us. I moved my hand higher up his leg, I rubbed just below his crotch slowly and teasingly. "Fuck, Carmen please don't" Harry said sternly, his pupils dilated so there was a broad line of green circling them. I decided I was going to take the teasing further. A small smirk cornered my mouth as I placed my hand over his crotch. "Carmen please I will have to pull over and take you right now if you carry on" He said through gritted teeth. I blushed at his dirty words. I tightened my grip on his crotch. It was hard. I rubbed my hand down on it. Suddenly Harry drew in a deep breath and I felt a vibration beneath my hand, it was hot and damp. I flinched away as Harrys face fell, "Im sorry" I whimpered, thinking I've committed a crime. "Don't be!" Harry looked at me. I gave him a puzzled look. "None other girl has made me ejaculate whilst just touching me" He gasped slightly. I felt a little disappointed there had been other girls, but of course there was other girls, I mean...look at him! "Is that good?" I tilted my head. "Yes but it's embarrassing, it's showing how weak I am when it comes to you" He pulled over. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I have to change of course, the boys will know" He pointed to his wet lower regions. I nodded and looked away. I heard him pull off his bottoms then slid up a new pair and the flies zip up. When I looked back at him he was nice and clean with a pair of navy skinnies. "Lets go" He winked at me, I blushed and said no other word for the short journey until we reached the towns car park. As we pulled in I saw our group crowded around Niall's car. "You go to the others, I'm going to get the ticket" Harry said, pulling the key out of the ignition and climbing out. I watched him jog Over to the machine while I clambered out of the car. "What took you so long?" Beth asked as I approached them. "Erm..." I begun. "Hey lads" Harry thankfully jogged over. "Girls" Harry nodded his head at Ellen and Beth. "Yeah mate, why did you take so long?" Liam asked, leaning on the bonnet of the car. I coughed slightly and glanced at Harry. "I got changed" He said simply. Louis raised his eyebrows at us, I Looked the way. "But Haz we normally get changed later?" Liam said. Harry looked back at me and smirked. "Yeah well, my football gear was dirty" Harry scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. "Whatever, lets go" Niall heaved standing up from the bonnet. A sigh of relief ran through me as the conversation changed. We walked through town bundled up as a group. "That was a close one" Harry whispered in my ear as we fell to the back of the group. I nodded. "Too close" I said. I felt warm hand slip into my delicate small palm, I smiled to Harry and he gave me a squeeze. "Can we go in to Sport Direct?" Zayn asked as the shop came Into view. Harrys clasp tightened on my hand an his face screwed up, Oh not again. "No Zayn" Harry spat. Zayns face fell. "Oh come on dude, I need To go in there" Zayn begged. What's going on? "I need to aswel Harry" I said looking up at Harrys distraught face. He shook his head slowly. "No you don't" He said calmly. "Erm...yes I do! Come on let's go" I looked at Zayn. He nodded and I dropped Harrys hand suddenly. I waltzed into the shop with Zayn, the others following behind. "You decided to join us then?" I smirked to Harry as I felt a hand around my waist. "I don't like it in here" He said cautiously looking around, his eyes scanning the room. "Why not?" I looked at his face. "Because..." He begun, we were Interrupted immediately by a red headed girl flying over in her work uniform. "Harryyy!" She squealed. Harry glared at me then her. "Hi Jen" He said fakely I smirked at his enthusiasm. Her dark eyes instantly latched on me, Harry pulled me closer to him with his arm around me. "How could you Harry!?" Her eyes widened at his gesture. I looked at her confused. "You told me you weren't ready for a relationship! You told me to give you time! So all this time we have been fucking you have been seeing someone else?" She wailed. My heart stopped, what is she getting at? I pulled back on Harry a little but he pulled me back. "Jen don't" He said through gritted teeth. "No Jen please go on" I said to her. Harry sighed. "I fell for Harry a few months back but he claimed he wasn't ready for a relationship, so we just fucked for a few weeks. And last night, he told me to wait a few days, weeks until he was ready" She said. I felt like my heart was torn in two, the sudden pain was unbearable. I pulled back from Harry bumping into a clothing railing. "Jen shut the fuck up!" Harry groaned. Jen looked a little gobsmacked. "Carmen please, listen to me!" He held his hands out to me. I pushed him away. "No Harry! Get away from me!" I whimpered. His eyes were wide and hurt. "Baby please!" He cried out to me. I bumped Into someone. "Carmen, you okay?" It was Louis. I shook my head, "Carmen please!" Harry wailed. I clutched to Louis in a hug. "Where's the girls?" I quivered. I spotted Ellen and Beth over Louis' shoulder. They spotted e and jogged over. "What's wrong?" Beth panted to me. I hugged them both. "I need to go home!" I whimpered. "Lets go" Ellen reassuringly smiled. I nodded. "Baby please" Harry cried. "No Harry. It's over" I teared.
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