Hidden In The Music

Emily has a mother that hosts bands and singers at her coffee place. Emily sings sometimes and her boyfriend at the time does too. He loves going up and singing unlike Emily. She only goes up when her mother makes her. Then a new kid shows up and turns Emily's life upside down... But will this be a good thing that it was turned upside down?


6. The Hide Away

"Emily," his voice was soft,"Do you trust...?" 

​I looked at him and thought a little bit more. I looked back up at him and saw his brown eyes pecking out of his hair looking at me. He held out his hand for me to take and looked me dead in the eyes.

"Do you trust me?" He asked looking at me.

"I-I..,"I began and then I smiled and took his hand,"I do."

He smiled and pulled me with him. He closed the fence and we walked a little bit until the place we were at started looking different. Each step we took the place went from scary and haunting to peaceful and wonderful. I looked back and saw the old fence and it looks scary still. I turned and looked back at Jacob who sat down by a tree and somehow pulled out a guitar. 

"Welcome to my hide away," He smiled and played a few notes on his guitar. 

"Its well different but yet its wonderful," I smiled back at him.

"Sit down goof," He said patting the ground by him," I don't bite... Unless you want me too."

He laughs a little and continue to play a few notes. I sat down right by him and listened to what song he was playing. It sounded familiar but yet I can't put my tongue on it. It kills me that I forget the name of the song I know so well.

"I just wanna run... I'm out here alone... I try to call your house... Can't reach you on the phone... I'll gather up the nerve.. I'm picking up my bags... It's more than you deserve... Don't treat me like a drag," Jacob sang and then I knew what words where coming next.

"I'm feelin' like I keep on talking... I'm repeating myself... My words lost all meanings... I keep talking, I repeat myself," I sang by myself as Jacob played his guitar. 

"I just wanna run, hide away... Run because they're chasing me down... I just wanna run, throw it away... Run before they're finding me out... I just wanna run," Jacob and I sang together and I looked up at him as he stopped playing his guitar. 

"Thought you hated to sing," He smirked at me.

"No I just don't like singing on stage," I said looking away.

"Why if you actually have a wonderful voice," He said and made me blush.

"Well I have a bit of stage fright," I said placing my hand in front of my face,"But my mom makes me sing all the time."

"And your mom is...?" He asked.

"The owner of the coffee shop," I laughed looking at him.

"Really!?" He said as his eyes got a bit big," well having a mom like her would be nice if you like to sing a lot though."

"I don't," I laughed,"But I see you do and you sing nice. I love Backseat Serenade by All Time Low."

"Nice you know them," he laughed," And you know The Downtown Fiction as well." 

"Who else do you know that I know," I asked smiling.

"Well name a few bands and lets see if I know them," He said leaning his head on the tree.

"Well there is New Years Day, Eyes Set To Kill, The Click Five, and there's to many to name them all," I laughed a little.

"Well the bands you said I know them all and I also know Ash," he smiled.

"No you do not!" I said and it was a bit loud. 

"I do watch," He said pulling out his phone.

He shows me his phone and pictures of him with Ash from New Years Day. My mouth went open and as well as my eyes. He actually knows Ash and I feel so jealous that he met one of the people I look up too. 

"I hate you," I smiled at him and laughed a bit.

"Oh geez thanks," he laughed taking his phone back,"Ash and I are kind good friends I talk to her once in awhile on twitter. She loves my voice and wants to make a song with me but I'm not famous to sing with her like that."

"But its Ash Costello!" I said," She's so wonderful and amazing! How can you pass that up!?"

"Easy as you can run and hide from your mom not wanting to sing." He said with a smirk.

"Haha very funny." I said sticking out my tongue at him.

We stayed there talking about bands and about each other. He was really a nice guy to talk to and he was sweet. He likes teasing a lot but good thing I can throw the teasing right back at him.

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