Hidden In The Music

Emily has a mother that hosts bands and singers at her coffee place. Emily sings sometimes and her boyfriend at the time does too. He loves going up and singing unlike Emily. She only goes up when her mother makes her. Then a new kid shows up and turns Emily's life upside down... But will this be a good thing that it was turned upside down?


5. Meeting Jacob

"Oh God I'm sick of sleeping alone," He said the last few words to the song in a whisper. 

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered. I shook my head and started cheering too. He looked around and then his eyes landed on me. He smiled and winked at me which made me blush.

"Ohhh Emi has a little crush on singer boy," Nikki said pushing me a little.

"Oh please I have Sam," I said blushing a bit more.

"Pfft we all know Sam and you aren't gonna last with him loving himself more than you," Aimee said looking at me with a straight face. 

"shush guys!" I said closing my eyes and covering my face.

"Alright that was just a wonderful song," I heard my mother say on the stage, "Now we have another special someone coming on here to sing."

My eyes went big and I turned to run away before my mother calls my name. I pushed pass the crowd and then ran into someone. I fell to the ground with a 'thump'. 

"Oh shit I'm so sorry!" Said a soft deep voice.

"It's fine," I said looking up and then come face to face with him.

"I'm Jacob," He said pulling out his hand so he can help me up.

"I-I'm Emily," I said taking his hand and felt him pull me up like nothing.

"Nice name," He smiled," Oh by the way why were you running?"

"Oh umm," My mind went into space as I thought why i was running.

"Where's my daughter?" I heard my mother on stage said and then my eyes went big.

"I don't want to sing on stage," I said hiding behind him.

"Ahhh," He laughed," Well follow me and you wont have to sing unless you want too."

He started to walk away and I watched him as he walked away. I don't really know if i should trust him. I mean I just met the guy and already he's taking me somewhere to hide me. Then again I kind of told him I wanted to be hidden. I looked back to where my mother was and she spotted me. I jumped and ran after Jacob as fast as I can away from my mother. He laughed at me and I just blushed knowing he saw what I just did. We walked out of the coffee shop through the back door and kept walking. 

He then stopped by a fence and opened it. It looked scary and it was old. I was shaking a bit and i didn't know what to do. He walks in and then looks back at me. I stand on the other side thinking if I should go or not.

"Emily," his voice was soft,"Do you trust...?" 

I looked at him and thought a little bit more....



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