I always dreamed of having a life, all by myself, going around the world and doing what i like. Not having to ask anybody. My beloved grandmother always told me i was a free spirit. But then i ran into this guy. He has curly brown hair, brown eyes and a dazzling smile. Of course i cant help but to fall in love. Again. He is like a cage. I dont know if i will accept to be privated from liberty...


1. Liberty

I woke up this morning not feeling very well. I guess that trip to Ireland would have to be reported.

I got up and slowly but surely walked downstairs. I made some breakfast and git dressed in an oversized harvard sweat shirt and some leggings. I needed some milk so i decided to go to the market.

I got my keys and my boots on and went to my car starting the engine. I drove and stopped at a red light, it turned green and i almost ran into a young men. He looked around my age. He was wearing a black hoodie and dark blue jeans. You could recognize him from his mop of curls. But, what attracted me the most, was his eyes, those emerald green orbs that glowed when he saw me.He caught my eyes at first sight.

I went back to my flat and decided to watch a movie. The day went pretty slow until my friend Tara called me. Tara was that kind of girl who like going out clubbing and brought back several guys a month.

"Wanna go to the new club tonight? You know you can go out for once and stop reading Grace! Stop being so uptight"

"Im not uptight! Ok ill come then" i said a little annoyed. She asked me all week to go and i felt like having fun tonight. After what happened a month ago, i didnt want to fall in love again for a while but a little fun could help. I didnt tell at anyone what happened that night, the 27th of march.

I went to take a shower then looked in my closet. I hesitated long between two outfits: a black, short laced dress and a lilac tight top with a black skirt that went just up to my knees. I finally took the black dress and took some red heels. I curled my hair, aplied some red lipstick and made a winged eyeliner.

I grabbed my purse and went to the elevator and into the parking. It was a rather fresh night but you could be out without a coat. Tara showed up and off we went to the club

Arrived there, the club was filled with intoxicated people dancing and grinding on each other. The smell of alchool filling the air. I went to the bar and grabbed a drink. I felt like someone was watching me but i didnt make a case of it. After a while, i felt dizzy and went to the dance floor. I started dancing like there was no tommorow until a guy tried to grab me. I squealed in shock put he was soon pushed off of me by i dont know the hell who. Then,seconds later the guy i saw this morning went in front of me and asked to dance. I couldnt refuse so we started grinding against each other. God he smelt good!

I knew Tara was gone with a guy somewhere and i didnt have any lifts so i decided the night was done for me and started to walk back home. My heels in my hands and my feet hurting like hell. I black range rover pulled over and the guy of the club apeared behind the weel.

"You need a ride, princess?" He said smiling.

"I can walk" i talked back. 'I mean, yes he is hot but i dont know him and i dont trust guys anymore'I think in my head touching my hip where the memory is.

He followed me with his car and asked:

"You look like your feet hurt alot, feisty princess" he said chuckling.

"Dont call me princess." I say stopping. I dont want to remember who called me like that i thought.

"Why not, ppprrrinnncccessss?" He said insisting on the last word.He continued following me until i gave up.

"Fine, but dont call me princess" i say sighting.

I sit on the passenger seat and buckle up.

"Whats your name then?" He says smirking.

"Grace" i say plainly

"Harry" he says taking my hand and shaking it.

Once im in my bed i cant stop thinking about him and fall asleep on sweet dreams

A/n hope you like it :) my potatoes

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