The life of a girl

The life of me. A truly sad lamo life. I enjoy it but it could be better. When I say one thing my whole world turns into hell. Yeh it's the life of a teenage girl but the issues i have to deal with; now I look back are just sad.


9. Its Nearly a Year

After nearly a year even passing in the corridors is awkward. I still wonder what my life could have been like if I hadn't of sent that stupid note. That stupid note can make anything awkward these days. These days every morning I walk out of this cut and see him. I try to get my best friend to do all the talking but sometimes it never really goes to plan. A couple of weeks ago we had a careers event, I thought we nearly would end up in a group. I remember last year in yr 8 we did end up in a group together, he was the one that did all the talking. Thank goodness one of my friends was there and kept on talking to me. I think sometimes it could go back to normal but apparently he even goes and laughs at his friends making a complete mockery of me!! Thanks for that !!!!!!!!!!!! Every thing I seem to do most of his friends give me a glance at least. I was sitting down the other day (with my besties), eating my lunch and the whole group walked past. I got at least ten glances and 2 sniggers. But one of the guys in that evil group keeps stalking me. Even on instagram the minuet i put a picture on he is normally the first one to like it. If not he is usually the second.

What I don't get is the same person completely teased me the whole way through Germany back in September. 

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