The life of a girl

The life of me. A truly sad lamo life. I enjoy it but it could be better. When I say one thing my whole world turns into hell. Yeh it's the life of a teenage girl but the issues i have to deal with; now I look back are just sad.


6. Death day

5 days went by before i heard anything. Nothing to tell me what he was going to say.

The silent bell went(not) and I walked up to geography with Anna. Then he approached me. I started sweating and my knees were shaking. He came towards me with two of his friends, Jake Foodie- who repeatedly keeps asking me out- and Jamie ? (I don't know what his sir name is).Tragic  words started pouring out of his mouth replying," I'm sorry, it's a no". It's a no; we're not on x-factor!!!! My other bestie then said," It's ok, your way out of his liege anyway."I had to drag myself into the next lesson. My teacher must have thought i was replaced by a zombie. Well at least it would have been quieter.

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