Pearl Harbour

This is a story about pearl Harbour and a love triangle. Yay


2. Chapter 2

Mathews best friend Joey was with me when I got that dreaded letter. We had grown close over the time Mathew was away. Over the next few years we became closer than friends, although neither of us would admit it. Mathew would be furious but Mathew wasn’t with us.  I let us get close, I shouldn’t of but I couldn’t help it. He made me laugh. You know when you meet a really beautiful guy but spend five minuets with them and they are as dull as a brick? But then you meet a guy and you think they’re alright, and then you get to know them and personality becomes them, makes them beautiful. It was like that with Joey. He was the most beautiful man I had ever known. He went from being my best friend to a man I love.


Joey and I were waiting at the harbour. Waiting for Mathew. See, I got another one of those letters. Those official letters. One pronounced Mathew’s death, the other his rebirth. I fidgeted with my pastel yellow skirt and twirled my chestnut hair.

“Stop that, you look lovely” Joey whispered reassuringly squeezing my hand. I smiled meekly back and slipped my hand out of his. I turned my face away from his hurt look. I couldn’t tell Mathew yet, I didn’t know if I still loved him. Five years was a long time. But here we were, waiting for him, as we always had done, always did. We heard the plane before we saw it. The engines roared furiously whirring to the fast pace of my heart. The dismal grey jet descended like an odd-looking bird bringing Mathew into the harbour. A ladder was dropped and my heart soared just as the plane had. He was here, my Mathew. I started forward but quickly stopped myself glancing at Joey. A tall, well built man with golden hair stepped down. An unfamiliar smile spread over his face as he sauntered towards me.

“Jennifer” he called. I ran then, ran into his arms. He held me tight; I was warm and safe for the first time in five years.


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