Till' The End

17 Year old Rebecca Loped lives a fairly normal life, wakes up, goes to school, be lonely, repeat. Until one day on her way home from Violin practice at the local music shop she meets a mysterious boy who has to guide her on her mission, to end the corrupted world to trap the demons of the world inside and transfer the souls of the good to a duplicate world. As if It isn't enough, she has to destroy two demons to do so.


2. The Job Description

The next morning she awoke to her normal routine and headed off to school. Once she was at school it wasn't long until she was called into the assistant principal's office. She walked in and took a seat in the chair in front of the desk. The chair behind the desk swiveled around to reveal Cedric sitting in the chair.

"Cedric? You're the assistant principal?"

"Sure am! Anyways I need to talk to you." He now looked serious.

"About?" She looked slightly confused.

"Your role silly." He placed his hands on his desk in a professional manner.

"Oh so last night...wasn't a dream?"

"Oh god no, of course it wasn't a dream."

"So what is my...role?" She made quotation marks with her hands around the word role.

"Well that's quite simple actually." He paused. "Rebecca. You must..end the world. This world is too corrupted. We must destroy it and start anew."

Rebecca began to laugh, "Ahhh you're funny. Really what's my role?"

Cedric wasn't too amused and looked right in her emerald green eyes with his blue eyes. "I was serious Rebecca. Whether you like it or not. You will end the world." His tone was suddenly harsh.

Rebecca was clearly stunned as she stood up from her chair and turned and burst out the door towards the nurses office to clear her head. She could hear Cedric yelling after her to come back. She didn't turn back she just kept going. She reached the nurses office and pushed the door open and shut it behind her. The nurse wasn't here during these hours. Rebecca usually used this room to clear her head. She climbed onto a cott and curled up in a tightly knitt ball. She muttered to herself in her head, "What am I getting so worked up about? This must be a dream, or some sort of prank." She pinched herself and felt a sharp pain. "Ow..So it's not a dream. That's great. Not really. Well I haven't figured out really if it's a prank or not though. Although now I know this kid is not human, he fixed my violin and all with a snap of his finger practically, and this E.A.S. company. What does this all mean? Is he...an angel? I don't understand. What if this is all true, I mean if he is an angel and all this stuff is true then he must be right. I must have to end this world." She began to cry at the thought. Suddenly over the loud intercom she heard his voice. "Student hunt everyone! Find Rebecca Loped and bring her to me! The reward is 300 pounds!" His voice crackled on the intercom. Rebecca quickly stood, "Shit they're looking for me. I need to get out of here." She quickly burst out the front door out to the parking lot and out into the street. She kept running until she reached an alley. It was same one as lastnight actually. She figured she should just head home. She walked through the alley until she tripped over a large branch she didn't notice as she was looking up at sky. She fell forward and her hand landed on a broken bottle. Blood oozed out of her hand terribly fast and it stung horribly. She screamed in pain and clutched it.

"Maybe calling a student hunt wasn't a good idea. I'm sorry." Cedric appeared.

"Don't hurt me." She cowered.

"I won't. I will do just the opposite." He snapped and Rebecca's hand healed fully as if magic.

"How did you do that?" She looked to him in utter confusion.

"Well I'm almost an angel. I have all the abilities of one, minus immortality and wings. So basically angel in training."

"Well I guess that makes sense." She sighed.

"Rebecca, your going to have to trust me, I'm not the bad guy here." His voice was like silk and very soothing.

"No..He's not. I am! Hey becky boo!" A tall slender woman jumps down from the building to her right. She had curly black hair although it was put up in a neat bun. She also had very light violet eyes. She was wearing all black leather and heels and heavy eyeliner.

"What is with everyone jumping off that damn building to make an enterance!" She gestured to the building to her right.

"That's not important at the moment. What is important is the fact that Nikki is now here." He gestured to Nikki.

"Get on my back we need to get the heck out of here!" Cedric yelled suddenly.

"Why? She looks harmless!"

"Harmless?" He laughed. "Rebecca. Nikki is a demon."

"God becky how did you not figure that out already. I mean really!" Nikki interupted.

"Shut up Nikki you're not part of this conversation!" Cedric and Rebecca both yelled towards Nikki. Rebecca now climbed onto Cedric's back.

"Hold on tight Becca." He stood there for a moment and snapped and they were outside a extremely large mansion.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"My place. You are safe here."

"What does Nikki want with me? She doesn't seem like a bad person really."

"Well obviously she doesn't want you to end the world because she would be trapped in this one unable to get to the new one and cause havoc, so she wants to kill you. Also you really think she's not a bad person? If I wasn't there she would have killed you, snapped you in half like a tooth pick. She would have given no mercy until she got what she wanted Becca. Now do you trust me? I am only here to protect you and help out with your mission alright?"

"Yeah..sure. Also can I spend the night here? I really don't want to go home."

"That'd be fine. I kind of assumed that you'd want to crash here so I set up a room for you upstairs." He lead her her upstairs to a large set of double doors. He gently pushed open the doors to reveal a large bedroom with light purple painted walls, hardwood floor, a large bed with drapes and blankets that matched the walls, a door leading to a bathroom, an armoire, and another set of double doors leading out onto a balcony.

"Wow.. This is beautiful.. Is this just for me?" She was stunned looking around the bedroom.

"Yes I thought you'd like it. You're welcome to stay as long as you want Becca, anytime you want."

"What about my mom?" She asked.

He just smiled, "They won't even know you were gone. A somewhat clone of you is at your house right now. They won't know the difference."

"Alright. Well I'll stay for a few days or so, we should get this 'mission' over with right?" She made quotation marks around mission with her hands.

"Sure thing. What would you like to do now Rebecca?"

"Well it'd be awesome if we could have a party."

He nodded, "What kind of party?"

"A masquerade? Wait..so we can have a party?"

"That's be fine as long as no one stays up all night." He eyed Rebecca.

She giggled, "Don't look at me like that."

"I will look at you anyway I want." He smirked.

"Just as long as you don't look at me in an inappropriate way we're cool."

He looked slightly insulted, "What do you take me for Rebecca? I swear I wouldn't do that. I'm a gentleman." Cedric took slight bow. "So who do you want at the party Becca?"

"I have no clue. Just invite people you know."

"Alright. Will do. Go change and the party will be all ready when you're done. There are dresses in the armoire and masks."

He left the room to go set up as she walked over to the large dresser and pulled out a black ball gown and a matching black feathered mask. She took the clothes into the bathroom to change. As soon as she stepped in she noticed the bathroom was highly stylized and modern. It included a vanity, a toilet, and a shower bathtub combo. She changed into the gown and put the mask on carefully as she could and brushed her hair and re-braided her hair neatly. She slid on some heels that were conveniently on the floor next to her and stepped out into her room. She walked out her bedroom door and saw about a hundred masked people dancing elegantly. She rushed down the stairs and looked and saw two men approach her extending an arm wanting to dance. Both looking strikingly similar. They both looked like Cedric. She looked at both and took the one on the left's arm. The other gentleman wandered off. She was guided onto the dance floor by the handsome stranger. They began to waltz as soon as they were there.

"So..what's your name?" She asked.

"Jake. I already know yours Rebecca." He smiled.

Rebecca looked confused, "How do you know my name?"

"Silly Rebecca, everyone here knows your name."

"Well how do they all know my name?"

"We all work for the EAS, simple."

"So is everyone here angels or what?"

"No, it's about half and half, half are angels, half are humans like Cedric."

She looked him up and down, "What are you?."

"A human." He twirled her around.

"This world gets stranger and more unpredictable everyday."

He laughed. She suddenly heard a load roaring noise from outside. She looked around and everyone else noticed it also and they jump into action running outside.

"What's going on?"


"Demons? Are you serious?"

"You just met a demon earlier with Cedric and a bunch of angels. How is this freaking you out?"

She glared at Jake, "Well a bunch of angels and one demon is good but plural demons?"

"And plural angels. Look Becca, we got this."

She began to hyperventilate, "No...No....No... I'm going to die..."

"Becca?" He reached out and lightly touched her arm. Rebecca screamed and jumped.

"None of this is real...None of it..." She fainted on the dance floor.

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