Till' The End

17 Year old Rebecca Loped lives a fairly normal life, wakes up, goes to school, be lonely, repeat. Until one day on her way home from Violin practice at the local music shop she meets a mysterious boy who has to guide her on her mission, to end the corrupted world to trap the demons of the world inside and transfer the souls of the good to a duplicate world. As if It isn't enough, she has to destroy two demons to do so.


3. The All-Nighter

Rebecca awoke on the dance floor with Cedric standing over her. She noticed she had some sort of icepack on her forehead and a pillow under her head now.

"Are you alright Rebecca?" He asked kindly.

"Yeah I'm fine. Did they get the demons?"

"Yeah they killed them and left don't worry. Also Lucy, my step sister, who runs EAS, might know more information on how we must go through with the mission. So I am going to call her and have her come over alright?" He patted Rebecca's head and extended a hand to help her up. Rebecca was pulled to her feet carefully.

She nodded, "Yeah that'd be fine. When will she be here?"

"In about fifteen minutes I assume." He checked his watch.

"Alright I guess." She looked around. "I guess that gives me time to take a shower and get dressed." She carefully climbed the stairs and made her way to the bathroom where she took a shower and changed into jeans and a black tank top. She was relieved when she had found her beloved clothing in the closet. As she was shutting the large armoire door she heard the doorbell ring and the sounds of Cedric’s velvet like voice. Rebecca quickly threw on some socks and her also beloved pair of combat boots and treaded out of her room and down the extravagant staircase. As she approached she noticed a small girl, about 8 years old, but extremely beautiful, standing before her. She had golden blonde hair and blue eyes and was wearing business attire, a suit jacket and a skirt with penny loafers. The girl almost instantly reached out her hand and shook Rebecca’s smiling.

“Hey Becca, my name is Lucy, I am the leader of the E.A.S. and the step sister of Cedric here.” She had a very girly voice yet it wasn’t annoying to Rebecca’s surprise, it was smooth and silky and reminded her of ice cream. Thinking of this Rebecca began to drool slightly.

“Now you look like you are going to pass out from severe boredom, we will get to business about your mission. So basically, you need to go find Anna and Damion, two of our angels, they both have half of a spell you need to learn, and then with the help with Cedric you two will kill the demons Paul and Sarah. Got it?”

Rebecca looked suddenly scared, she didn’t want to kill anyone, and the thought of being stuck with an angel already frightened her, yet she had no idea why. She knew she was safe and all but it still scared her.

“But why me?” She awkwardly learned on the railing of the staircase.

“Why not you? You’re special Becca, you have magical capabilities that most humans do not. So it’s settled. Oh my. Look at the time, I really must be leaving. Cheerio.” Lucy looked to her watch and grew small butterfly like wings and fluttered out the door.

“Your sister is leading the E.A.S. yet she’s like 8??” Rebecca cringed and slightly shivered.

“Hey she is more capable of running a huge organization than you think.”

“Fine. Just when will we be off on our journey?”

“Tomorrow morning after breakfast. Get some rest tonight. I have placed a few video game consoles and some games in your room, don’t stay up too late.” Cedric smiled walking off to another part of the mansion. At the word video games Rebecca trekked up the staircase to her room. Once she walked in her jaw dropped as it was covered in so many video game consoles and video games that she could hardly move. She squealed like a kid in a candy shop and immediately proceeded to drop to her knees, plug in one and insert a video game disc. She sat on the floor controller in hand and her eyes glued to the screen the entire night. Did she regret it the next morning? Yes. Yes she did. It was around eight o’clock when Cedric entered her room.

“Good morning. Breakfast is on the table.” He would smile giving a slight bow. Rebecca didn’t reply as she was too infatuated with the screen to speak to him.

“Well I guess you threw my advice about not staying up too late out the window.” He shook his head in slight frustration.

“Huh..? What? It’s morning already?” She yawned and stretched out her arms towards the ceiling. She could barely keep her eyes open.

“Yes. It’s eight o’clock to be precise.”

“Already? Damn what have I been doing with my life?” She muttered and began blinking furiously in an attempt to keep her eyes open.

“I didn’t want to have to use my powers till later but I guess we have no choice.” He reached out his hand and touched her arm gently. A glorious white light began to flow from the tip of his fingers into her body. Almost instantly she felt rejuvenated, as if she had the best night’s rest of her life.

“Damn. That’s pretty wicked awesome. It’s like being on drugs yet not.”

Cedric just sighed and placed his hand on her shoulder shaking his head, “Breakfast is downstairs. I guess I will see you there in a few.” He swiveled on his heels and nearly glided out of the room. Rebecca laughed to herself thinking “Man he’s as graceful as a ballerina.” She chuckled some more at that thought of Cedric in a tutu and walked off to the bathroom to change.

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