Till' The End

17 Year old Rebecca Loped lives a fairly normal life, wakes up, goes to school, be lonely, repeat. Until one day on her way home from Violin practice at the local music shop she meets a mysterious boy who has to guide her on her mission, to end the corrupted world to trap the demons of the world inside and transfer the souls of the good to a duplicate world. As if It isn't enough, she has to destroy two demons to do so.


5. She's A Strange One

After a few more hours of random conversations and absolute boredom the car came to a stop as Cedric excitedly announced, “We’re here!”

“Finally.” Rebecca carefully stepped out of the car but as she hadn’t walked for a few hours began to wobble. Cedric hurried beside her as a form of support.

“Are you alright?” He asked feeling concerned.

“Yeah. Just you know. Haven’t stood for a long time.”

Cedric smiled and pat her head gently. “Well like I said we’re here.” Rebecca took a look around to find they were standing in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere. On further examination though she could see a small cottage down a cobblestone like path. There were flowers practically everywhere and the smell of incense was so strong it was almost sickening.

“By the way, if you ever need me, clap twice and I’ll be there.” Cedric walked around the car and took a seat again waiting patiently. Rebecca turned to face the path in front of her feeling anxious. Slowly she made her way over the many crevices in the path. She felt like at any moment the plant life around her would surround her and engulf her. Rebecca sighed and sped up trying to expel any thoughts that could harm her. She approached an average sized wooden door and knocked lightly. Rebecca stood in silence for a moment until a short woman with beautiful long curly black hair and golden eyes. She grinned and immediately stuck out a hand to shake Becca’s, “You must be Rebecca! I have been waiting for you. Just didn’t realize today was the day.”

“Neither did I.” Rebecca stuck out her hand and shook it gently. The woman had a firm strong grip which she thought was a good thing.

“Come in! Come in! Would you like some tea? We shall have a little chat before we get to business!” She backed away from the door and into her little kitchen to heat a water kettle. Rebecca followed her inside and took a seat at a round dining room table.

“This is a nice place. Very cozy.” Rebecca smiled.

“I know right! It’s so nice out here isn’t it!?” The woman giggled and smiled. “Oh yeah what kind of tea do you want?” She grinned.

“Doesn’t matter but Earl Grey would be nice.” Rebecca fiddled with random silverware on the table. “Oh by the way. What’s your name? I can’t remember the names Cedric told me.”

“Anna.” She smiled and placed a cup of tea in front of Rebecca.

“You seem very friendly.” Becca sipped her tea.

“Thanks. So do you. But you seem very stressed about something.”

“Well you would too if you had to end the world.” She began to cry all over the table.

“It’s all right. It’ll be okay.” Anna hugged Rebecca tightly and tried to calm her down.

“It won’t be okay!” She cried so much it was pathetic.

Anna patted Rebecca’s head, “Let’s go upstairs for a minute okay? It’ll be alright.” She guided her carefully upstairs to a small hallway with about 3 different rooms. She led her down the hall towards the back room. Suddenly Rebecca began to feel faint. She wobbled back and forth, back and forth, and could hardly keep her eyes open.

“Hmm. It’s working. Goodie. And so soon!” Anna grinned almost diabolically. “Have a nice nap sweetie pie!” And like that, Rebecca fell unconscious.

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