Till' The End

17 Year old Rebecca Loped lives a fairly normal life, wakes up, goes to school, be lonely, repeat. Until one day on her way home from Violin practice at the local music shop she meets a mysterious boy who has to guide her on her mission, to end the corrupted world to trap the demons of the world inside and transfer the souls of the good to a duplicate world. As if It isn't enough, she has to destroy two demons to do so.


4. A New Day

Rebecca practically skipped downstairs in nervous excitement that morning. She was unsure if she even had the stomach to eat breakfast as all the thoughts of what was ahead of her filled her brain. She finally reached the dining room when she could see a long ornate table made of some sort of very fancy polished dark oak wood laid out in front of her. That was not all, the chairs themselves were made of the same wood but had so much padding that she felt she would be lost in it if she sat down. The table was lined with a lacey and very delicate white table cloth, although it was hard to see with so many plates of food decorating it. At the other side of the table Cedric was seated and eating whatever was on his plate. It was an awkward sight for Rebecca as she felt that he was only eating to make her more comfortable. Cedric was sitting normal and all but the way he would hold a fork to his mouth and eat made Rebecca chuckle. She chuckled too loud as he looked up and could see her standing there.

“Good morning. What’s so funny?” He asked now holding his fork normally.

“The way you were holding your fork. I just felt it looked awkward.”

“That’s because when you came in I was trying to eat and not leave too many marks on the fine silverware.” He shrugged.

“Well you do that... I’m going to eat and not care what so ever about how I hold my utensils.” She took a seat on the opposite end of the table from Cedric and began to eat feeling awkward having such a strange and powerful entity looking at her.

“I’m sorry but could you look away? It’s making me uncomfortable damnit.” She scowled.

“My apologizes, it’s hard not to look at a beautiful young lady sitting across from me.” He looked away and continued eating. Rebecca blushed as red as a tomato and began to eat much more rapidly. She had begun to sip her orange juice when she heard Cedric sigh.

“What?” She looked up at him.

“Nothing. Are you almost done?” He asked casually looking at a silver ornate fork.

“Yeah. I am done.” She also began to stare at her own fork.

“Good. Your stuff is already packed. Shall we head off?” He rose from his seat.

“I guess. Where are we going first?” She yawned from boredom.

“Wales I believe... A few hours away from here.” He fiddled with his keys.

“We’re driving there?” She scowled.

“Yup. It will be fun. We will have plenty of time to talk.” He smiled.

“I don’t find long car rides fun.” She shook her head.

“You serious have no idea Rebecca.” He began walking to the door. Rebecca paused for a moment and then ran after him. It was raining outside, she was constantly getting soaked in rain and began to get very irritated. She waited outside a big garage door for the vehicle that Cedric chose for them to take. A moment later the giant garage door lifted very slowly to reveal what looked to be some sort of Luxury 4 door sports car. It looked like a porche or a mustang but she wasn’t sure. It was completely black with tinted windows and what looked like bullet proof tires with fancy silver rims. The driver’s window rolled down and Cedric sat there with thick black sunglasses on.

“Hop in.” He smiled rolling up the window. Rebecca walked around the car to the passenger’s seat and hopped in. It was much warmer inside the car but she was still shaking as she buckled her seat belt. Cedric reached over and pressed a small button next to her seat and the seat instantly began to warm up.

“Thanks.” She looked out the window at the rain pouring down from the sky.

“No problem.” He now reached in the back pulling out a fluffy black blanket and handed it to her.

“Well this is surprising.” She wrapped herself in the blanket comfortably.

“What is?” He asked.

“The fact you have a black vehicle and not a pure white one.”

“Heh. I figured you would like it.” He would smile and pull the car into drive and exit the drive way. It was raining harder and harder outside and it gave Rebecca the blues after a while. She sat there quietly minding her own business twiddling her thumbs.

“So. How are you?” Cedric asked.

“Fine. I guess. Just really bored. I mean I hate car trips. They are not fun for me at all.”

“Do I seriously have to entertain you already? Five minutes into the trip?” He chuckled.

“Yes. Yes you do.” She stared outside the window.

“Here… Play with this.” He handed her a handheld gaming device that she has never seen before.

“What is this?” She examined it thoroughly.

“It’s new. Don’t expect to see another one for roughly…10 years?”

“10 years?! How did you get this then?!”

“Sorry I meant to say 20 years. Anyways I have benefits for being in the EAS. And since I’m having to look after you for this mission and all I guess you get benefits too.” He had no expression change and continued driving.

“Do you get paid human money for this?” Rebecca was still examining the gaming device.

“Yeah of course, don’t I need it to buy things? Like food?”

“No. Not if you rob them.” She muttered. Cedric face palmed and shook his head continuing to drive.

“So… We’re you like born? Or… what?” Rebecca asked peering out the window. The wind shield wipes scraped back and forth, back and forth as the trickles of rain pounded against the glass.

“Do we really need to discuss this right now Rebecca? That’s enough with the personal matters for right now.” He seemed hurt by the question.

“I was just asking. Sheesh.” She sorted through a bag of small cartages for her new device. She dug around until she found something that looked appealing. It was titled in Japanese which made it even more mysterious and appealing. She shoved in the cartage and the screen came to life. You would expect 2D graphics but no, it was like a hologram. Tiny creatures trotted around a few inches above her screen. Rebecca smiled and began to fiddle with various buttons and fulfill missions for a while as she had nothing else to do. It was quiet for about an hour in the car at least until Rebecca finally spoke.

“I’m going to assume you know about my parents already.”

“Yeah. I know quite a bit about you.”

Rebecca let out a sigh and sat quietly with her hand on the center console, she couldn’t remember much about the past but she still felt the pain. Suddenly Cedric reached over very slowly and gently and rubbed the top of Rebecca’s hand comforting her. Rebecca couldn’t help but grin a little. He stayed like that until Rebecca calmed down at least. A few hours later Rebecca was about to beat the game she was playing when the car halted to a stop.

“Are we there yet?” She would ask trying not to take her eyes off her game.

“No…Just getting gas and giving you the opportunity to use the restroom.”

“Well aren’t we a gentleman.” She smiled closing the game and placing it on the center console.

“Well I will be right back.” Cedric stepped out of the car walking to the gas pump.

“So will I…” She muttered climbing out as well and walking towards the gas station. Rebecca began to dig in her pockets for money but all she found is lint.

“Hey… Could I like have a few... Err... Dollars for shit I don’t need at the gas station?”

“Yeah. Also, Please quit cursing! I really hate cursing.” He looked as if he had a headache and handed her a twenty dollar bill.

“I didn’t need this much but okay. Want anything?”

“Nah I’m fine. Only thing you can do for me is stop cursing.”

“Will do…” She takes the bill and heads into the gas station. A few moments Rebecca walks out carrying a large soda in a plastic cup and a giant bag of chips.

“Really? Crisps? And a large soda? Seems unhealthy but it’s your life.” Cedric shakes his head.

“Well I like food.” She sits on the hood on the car.

“I can see that. Well I’m almost done getting gas.” He leaned against the side door watching the meter slowly click by.

“So. What will happen after this mission? Like where will you go?” Rebecca glances up at the sky out of boredom.

Cedric sighed and pulled out the gas pump, “Haven’t decided yet.”

“Alright. Well. Are we on the road again?” Rebecca climbed into the passenger seat.

“Yup. Let’s roll.” He would smile clearly in a good mood again.

She now reclined in her seat feeling suddenly frustrated, she didn’t know what it was that frustrated her so much but all she wanted to do is close her eyes. Rebecca let out a loud sigh.

“What now?” Cedric would ask taking his place behind the wheel.

“Nothing. Just…Drive okay?”

“It’s something Rebecca. You can tell me anything you know.”

“Yeah I know but.”

“But what? I want you happy you know.” Cedric smiled.

“It’s just the pressure I guess. I have to do all this stuff when It could easily kill me.”

“Could. But won’t.” The car was still parked by the gas pump as Cedric looked to her with a smile.

“Won’t? What do you mean?” She seemed to be more confused than ever. You’d think she would be more confused earlier but nope, she’s confused in the middle of this conversation.

“I won’t let them hurt you Becca.” He reached over and lightly lifted her hand into his and looked deeply into her eyes. “I won’t let them ever hurt you.” Cedric had this calming and very likeable aura. The way he gazed at Rebecca made her heart flutter with a childish grin on her reddened face. Cedric beamed and switched the car into gear carefully taking his hand back to the wheel. They sat in silence for a while, listening to the cars go by and the soft rumble of the car on the wet pavement, until Rebecca spoke up again.

“Cedric?” She began to blush again.

“Yes Becca?”

“Do you…like me?”

He paused and then pulled the car over. He slowly turned himself to face her with a smile, “Of course I do.” He reached over and hugged her firmly. “If I didn’t like you I wouldn’t be so devoted to keeping you safe now would I?”

“That’s true. Okay we can keep driving now if you want.” Rebecca felt satisfied as they pulled away back onto the long seemingly endless highway. They didn’t know it yet but they had a long journey ahead of them.

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