can you smile? (michael clifford)

Jenna anticipates on many things; her brain has formed another world. usually anxious and shy she waits on meeting a boy who will have a crush on her as much as she does on him.
Michael hates on many things; he has isolated himself from everyone. anxious and upset he moved towns deciding not to talk to anyone, especially girls.
i guess when you meet someone who you instantly feel like they should been in your life a long while ago, things change. and that's what exactly happens.


3. chapter 4) your opinion isnt the right one

The two of us sat next to each other, on my bed. Inches apart, he’s hands moving quickly with the controller and his eyes glued to the screen.

“How is a girl better at this than me?” he asked, he’s hands loosening the grip and his eyes looking at me. Like the lagoons of which are swallowing me.

“I don’t know, maybe because it’s all I ever do?” I laughed, avoiding his gazing eyes. Because I know if I’ll look they’ll swallow me and I won’t be able to speak.

“But the thing is Jenna, it’s all I ever do as well.” And in that moment his elbow touched mine, and there was only assuming 2 layers in-between us. He’s jumper, and what I assume a shirt underneath and then my skin. And it felt nice, it felt natural. In that moment I also remembered school was tomorrow, and the room was full of the awkwardness between that touch so I bought it up.

“Have you also moved school-or are you going to the one from your old town?” I asked, he hitched up when I mentioned his old town and he’s eyes looked back over at me.

“Yeah, I’m going to the Sydney collage now.” SYDNEY COLLAGE, that’s my school. I am melting on the inside but I have to remember this un-happy teen boy might not even actually want to talk to me.

“Oh cool, I go there. What grade are you in?” another question. Boys like that right? When girls are interested.

“Oh, grade 11.” Turned and looked at my wall, it’s funny because he already knows these walls because he was looking at them the other day.

“same.” I added, my hands not on the controllers anymore and on my knees, Michael stood up. He’s hands pointed and gesturing to my posters.

“You like these bands?” he walked around my room.

“Maybe. Why?” he was judging, I was right. I knew it.

“Maybe?” he looked back at me.

“Yes. Why?” I sighed. He’s going to laugh and I can feel it. Deep down I know he’s going to laugh.

“You have a very good music taste.” He smirked. I know, I know. I was expecting a smile as well but he’s UN breakable. I smiled back at him though.

But that’s when he approached my bed side table and picked up my art book.

“can you not please.” I begged. – I’m the type of person who isn’t a cocky bastard about their art, and for another point on that lets no one see my art. Not even my parents. Standing up I walke dover to retrieve the book.

He’s hand opened it gently, flipping through the pages. I ripped it out of his hands.

“what are you doing?” he said. Putting his hand out, as if I was going to hand it back to him.

“I don’t like people looking through it, sorry.” My eyes wondering. He stepped forward. He’s hands undid from the sleeves and he placed them on my shoulders. As both crossed over the book.

“Well your opinion is wrong, because what I saw was amazing and you should let people look through it.” For a second, I swear to god I could’ve given him my book to look through. But then I snapped out of it. No.

“Maybe yours is wrong.” He’s eyes opened wider, and he’s left hand tapped against the book as the other still sat on my shoulder.

“You’re stubborn.” He said as he turned around back to my bed side table. He wasn’t afraid to do what he wanted. He touched what he pleased and he treated my room like he’s best friends.

“You read comic?” he asked, looking through a pile.

“yeah.” He was one piece of judgyness.

“same.” He sighed.

This was going nowhere. So I said it. It kind of blurted out, and I don’t know if I should regret it or not.

“Why were you looking in my room the other day?”

“I told you, I was looking for the bathroom.”

I knew it, I was hallucinating.


“No. I lied. I was at first but then I saw your room. And I kind of was drawn to it. Like you are to me, and I am to you and well I couldn’t help but look it.” There it is. He said it. I wasn’t hallucinating he was being a snoop, a careful- not so judgy snoop.

“I knew it, you were looking.” I could tell my face had that I knew it and I’m pleased look, and he could tell what my face said.

“I was. Sorry.” He walked back over to me, and in that second I felt like we should’ve kissed or something he was awfully close to my face and I felt his hands hovering over mine. He’s mouth parted the slightest bit. But we didn’t. And we wouldn’t. Because he was a UN happy teen who seemed like he couldn’t deal with a girlfriend right now, and he seemed like he didn’t want one. Maybe he’s gay?

“Michael, we’re going- we have to get you your uniform come on.” Ms Clifford knocked at the door opening it. Her son and I kind of hopped back a stepped and nervously fiddled.

“Saved by the bell.” I told him as he walked out.

“bye jenna.”

“bye michael.”

And he walked out waving.

But he was so close to me and I couldn’t help but feel he was being cocky about everything, and I couldn’t help but kind of want him to go through my art book. But then I didn’t.

Either way

A)we were totally going to kiss


B) He was just being cocky.


I Just really think this Michael and me are going to have a weird friendship thing going on.




HIYA i updated. heapppspssss of verbal speaking in this chapter. hopefully you'll enjoy it's shittiness.

please comment/ favourite/ like and add me to fav authors hopefully??? 

okay i quickly wrote this and now im quickly exiting.

bye ily all xxx


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