can you smile? (michael clifford)

Jenna anticipates on many things; her brain has formed another world. usually anxious and shy she waits on meeting a boy who will have a crush on her as much as she does on him.
Michael hates on many things; he has isolated himself from everyone. anxious and upset he moved towns deciding not to talk to anyone, especially girls.
i guess when you meet someone who you instantly feel like they should been in your life a long while ago, things change. and that's what exactly happens.


2. chapter 3) 7 goddam minutes?

Another day were I am trying so hard to get out of bed for the sake of it. I’m a teenage girl yet I know some what that 2:30 is way too late for it to even count as an awakening time.
Crawling out of the bed I didn’t even bother stretching, I just mopped my body around. My body complaining like an old man at a night club.

Those stairs goddam it, I crawled up the stairs. LITERAL CRAWL. My hands clawing pushing me up. Zoned out in my own world, I walked into the kitchen in theory I’m going to get food so I can retried back to the sanctuary I call ‘Jenna’s room’.


“jen.” my mum’s voice called at me. My attention shooting at her straight away.

Then I looked, and she wasn’t alone. She had Ms Clifford and her son. Jesus mum, why couldn’t you tell me earlier like when I was in my room.

“You do realise you have no pants on and its 2:38.” She spoke as if it was the 100th time telling me this.


“Huh, yeah so it took me 7 minutes to get up the stairs right. Cause I woke up at 2:30. It took me, seven fucking minutes.” I slurred as if I had drunken a bottle of vodka. The sleepiness was awful, I had only had 2 hours sleep and I didn’t know what was going on, AND YES TWO HOURS OF SLEEP AS I DIDNT SLEEP AT ALL LAST NIGHT AND I ONLY WENT TO BED 2 HOURS AGO.


“Jenna, you have no pants on, only a shirt and underwear. We have guests.” My mum stated again.


“Mum, I have a long shirt on, it’s all right. And plus I have socks on” But then, I had woken up and I realised. We had guests.


“Honestly ally, and Jenna. Its fine, Mikey would still be asleep if it wasn’t for me. And he just prances around unlike Jenna knowingly knowing we have guests in his underwear so don’t be bothered.” She laughed and my mum just simply shrugged her shoulders.

I couldn’t take it, I grabbed a drink and walked off. I walked off back down to my room in my top, undies and socks. But as I did, just like the other times we have come metres with in our eyes met. He’s mouth moving. Opening and shutting as a piece of gum was being destroyed whilst doing so. He’s phone in his hands and he’s eyes on mine. The green lagoon eyes looking an extra bright today like them secluded lagoons living in his eyes had the sun shining through the water filtering it.

Goddam it, Mikey. Mikey that’s what his mum called him.

But as I went to shut my door a voice yelled out to me, I turned up looking up the stair case.

“And put some pants up and trot your butt back up here now. Okay?” my mum said, I was expecting Mikey to be yelling out to me. Like in the movies- and then we have an intense make out scene whilst our parents sit in the other room. But it was just mum.

Walking back up the stairs, I don’t think it took me 7 minutes this time. And I had shorts on this time.

 I sat down, next to my mum. Across from Mikey.


“Jen.” –“jenny-.” My mum sung at me.


“Hma” I hummed that little teenage ‘what, I don’t care but what?’


“Have you met Michael yet?” I looked up from the phone to her. I shook my head. We haven’t officially. technically a ‘next door’ doesn’t count as an introduction.


“Michael, this is Jenna. She’s a 16 year old who doesn’t know how to talk to boys or go outside and she likes scary music.” My said, my mum fucking said. She loves to be that ‘funny’ mum that everyone loves but her own daughter. He chuckled, still no smile. But a chuckle.


“Ha-haa, I’m Michael and pretty much the same.” He lined his lips out, he did that a lot. Well from the small encounters I've seen of him he did. the un-happy looking boy now has a name- Michael the un-happy teen boy.


“Wait you don’t know how to talk to boys?” my mum widely eyed asked him.


“No-no, girls.” He smirked, still not a smile just yet. But if anyone can get it I think it’ll be my mother.


I didn't know what to do, and I kind of couldn't breathe the fact we've been introduced to each other officially now. I told mum I’m going to go play x-box. And so I did I stood up and I went down to my room and just as I turned down the stairs I heard.


“Mikey go play x-box with Jenna so Ally and i can talk?” Ms Clifford told him. And not long after a croaky teen boy voice asked me to wait up-


“Hey wait up, do you mind if I play as well?” he looked at me, up and down. And I lead him to my room. But he knows were my room is, he had his head in it the other day and he’s gorgeous lagoon eyes scanned it and judged it. And I don’t like people coming in my room. I don’t enjoy that feeling of someone I don’t know, who could just be completely different to me come into my room.

either way this is going to be either;




 Not that i didnt want something like this to happen though.


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HELLO!! so i updated :-)) although as per usual it was rushed. any whoo- this one was a boring chapter and i'm vvvv sorry.

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