can you smile? (michael clifford)

Jenna anticipates on many things; her brain has formed another world. usually anxious and shy she waits on meeting a boy who will have a crush on her as much as she does on him.
Michael hates on many things; he has isolated himself from everyone. anxious and upset he moved towns deciding not to talk to anyone, especially girls.
i guess when you meet someone who you instantly feel like they should been in your life a long while ago, things change. and that's what exactly happens.


1. chapter 2) the Cantabell cult

Reading and being an ‘artistic little freak’ as some might put it take up my time, sure it’s common but I don’t do it because it’s common I do it cause I kind of like to. And as I make that statement I turn the page of my book. Trying to get in one more page of the graphic novel before having to make my way down stairs to the  tedious company my parents call family and friends. Although, another 3 people whom of which I’ve only ever laid eyes on once are to appear at this social gathering I like to call the Cantabell cult’. Yes, my last name does seem to be Cantabell. Let’s not pond on that.

Scanning the last of the page I could fit in before I decided to not get in trouble and head into the mass of the cult. Greeted by the chilling autumn air breezing up my large shirt, I travelled around our back yard greeting the family and so called friends.  By now I have assumed that un-happy looking teen boy who I laid eyes on is not here, and I kind of knew he wouldn’t be. I guess I’ve found one thing in common with us so far; socializing isn’t our cup of tea.
Before I could escape my mother Queen Leader of the cult appeared with two new members. My mum’s laughing breaking me out of my thinking, my thinking of the imaginary cult I have created in my head.

“These are our new neighbours” my mum cheered with enthusiasm. I smiled in help of making it seem as if I’m just as joyful. Recognising their faces from the other day that I creeped watching them and their son. Soon as I went to say hello I’m Jenna or something very similar to that, the Mum pulled me into a tight hug as if I was a fish and she had been stranded on a beach and has hasn’t eaten.

“I’m Karen, it’s so good to be in a nice town, with nice lovely people right next door to you.” She said without pausing. They were very friendly, friendly and adding very was an understatement. The dad shortly (after Karen let go of me) reached out his hand he seemed strict. I guess he balanced out the ever so friendly Karen. A smile shortly after I shook his hand strongly appeared on his rosy cheeked face. “I’m Mr Clifford.” I smiled at his genuine voice, it was not ruff nor was it scary. Soothing if anything.

“Jenna. Jenna Cantabell, nice to come into contact with wonderful new nice neighbours. But I don’t want to be rude, and I hope I don’t seem so however. I have a graphic novel that is to be finished and I am the only one who has possessed it so I must finish it in my room. Nice to meet you again.” I huffed. My voice went dry as I finished and I waved walking away as I dash to my room.
The Clifford’s said another fair well, and my mum’s laughter along with there’s singed in the distance sounding like kookaburras.

Turning around and heading into my room, which is located downstairs thankfully I don’t have to run up stairs I noticed something. Some one.

The awkwardness pervaded the room as the Clifford’s son member three of the cult had his head just the smallest touch into my room. I didn’t know what noise, but it was a noise and it escaped from my mouth filled the room.
And awkwardness met awkwardness as he turned around, he wasn’t hunching. And he didn’t look un-happy. He looked surprised almost embarrassed standing straight like a pizza boy confronted by a naked lady at the door, but I was not naked and what I know of he most likely isn’t a pizza boy.

“The toilet, I was looking for the toilet.” He said blankly. Almost monotone but the awkwardness croaked in his voice. His eyes blinked. They were not of the alluring blue, but a green. Aquatic as could be, as if all the green clear lakes of which sat in secluded spots only a limited amount of people knew about had leapt into his eyes. Stumbling on all my words I told him.

“next door.” No hello. Or I’m Jenna. Or even waddup wanna chill. Just a blank embarrassed awkward next door. He pursed his lips together smiling at me with a thin line. Although his lips were not thin, hey were large and pleasant to look at. Edible even. Scattering to my room I shut my door, picked up my book and continued from where I left, but I didn’t read or look at the cool manga pictures.
I sat staring at the pictures and words as my mind went hey-wire. He was staring into my room, for more than what a minute although it felt a century he knew it wasn’t the bathroom. He knew it wasn’t but he continued to look, I thought. And maybe he was looking longer and I just caught that last minute of looking.

So it was either;

A)The Clifford’s son was clearly looking into my room. Snooping. Probably judging (most likely judging)


B)I was hallucinating. The Clifford’s son was honestly looking for the cult’s bathroom.

Either one, it was awkward and I didn’t bother to pond on the Clifford’s son’s most delightful face (to understate it) but to continue my humorously, sexual and serious manga graphic novel.

But I can’t help but put the fact of which if awkwardness was sexy, and could seduce gorgeous aqua eyed boys I’d be winning boys like Charlie sheen and his drug addiction.




HI! i finally updated. [sorry for being very long oops]. i know its not the best fan fic, and this chapter has added to its even wose first chapter in 'can you smile' but hey i try. haha yeah i was camping so i couldnt write chapter two so i just did then and well yeah pretty sucky. please forgive!! well any ways please comment and like because i'm do need assurance people ar ereading and want it updated. thank you cucmbers xx




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