The breeding class

I'm Chonira Chang and Cho Chang is my Grandma. I am not your normal wizard you meet in diagon alley. This is the story of my life.


4. king cross station and the Hogwarts express

As we drove up to Kings Cross station I thought about how much I would miss Chan. I mean he can't read so even if I write a letter mom or dad would have to read it to him so it just wouldn't be the same.

We all got out of the car and Karter and I ran out to grab carts for our trucks and stuff.

While we were bringing the carts back (with Karter pushing two carts one for him and one for Chrene) I ask "do you like Hogwarts?"

"Of course I like Hogwarts!" Karter said laughing as if it was a joke.

"but what about the letters you sent? I mean you were always talking about how much homework there was so..." I trail off.

"well yeah but it is a school so not everything is fun." He answered.

"well I guess that's true."

We all took turns going to the platform I went with Chan, my mom with my dad, and Chrene with Karter.

As we burst through the 'wall' I looked up at the glittering steam engine. for the first time I could actually say I was going to be on that train and go to Hogwarts.

Chrene, Karter, and I get on The train with our luggage and we all run to the windows to wave. The whistle blows and we wave until the train turns the corner.

"well I'm going to find my friends if you guys truly can't find a seat come find me and we'll let you sit with us." Karter waves and turns on his heel.

"well we better go find a compartment."Chrene said. I nod and we go look for seats.

We find a compartment that has first years like us. "Can we sit here?" I ask the three already in then Chrene and I sit down next to each other.

As we sat their Chrene and I turned and looked out the window.

I wondered what the Hogwarts castle would look like. I mean Karter never really talked about what it was like.

"So... Are you guys familiar with what Hogwarts is and stuff?" Chrene asked.

Great such a great start.

"Well duh! We're pure bloods!" The one in the middle said and the three started laughing.

"Slytherin much?" I murmured to Chrene. She smiled and nodded.

"So what house do you guys think you'll be in?" One of the kids asked.

"Ravenclaw!" Chrene and I answered at the same time.

"Well we want to be in slytherin." He answered "and anyway what are your names he is Draco malfoy he's scorpious malfoy and I'm " he pointed his finger at himself "Lucius malfoy and no we aren't triplets draco's the oldest then scorpius them me and I know our names are a little odd but our dad named us and he's a little crazy." He whispered as if his dad would hear them.

"I'm Chonira and this is Chrene." I said "our last name is Chang" Chrene said nodding.

We sat out the rest of the train ride in silence.

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