The breeding class

I'm Chonira Chang and Cho Chang is my Grandma. I am not your normal wizard you meet in diagon alley. This is the story of my life.


1. Chonira Chang all about me

Hi I'm Chonira. Cho Chang is my grandmother and she lives in my house with my family. My mom (Karen) is a muggle and my papa[ Chan(he told me to call him that)] is a wizard and the son of Cho.

I am 11 years old and I'm going to be leaving for Hogwarts soon and today we are going to Diagon Alley with my older brother(Karter-5th year) and my twin sister(Chrene). I also have a younger brother named Chan(after our pa obviously) and he is 5 years old.

As we were getting ready to go (through Floo Powder) I was thinking about how hard it'll be to go of to school and leave Chan here. Chan has an illness that makes it hard for him to speak and to think. When he was born I decided to try and really help him. Now I can understand him and we've really bonded. 

Another thing about him is he's really smart but doesn't have magic. We're hoping that'll go away when he gets older.

I took the Floo Powder and the it into the fire place said "Diagon Alley" loud and clearly.

After we had all gotten there we split up. Chrene and I decided to go to Olivanders first. As we walked inside Chrene and I gasped. There were rows on rows of boxes full of wands.

An old man came in through the back and even without asking started pulling out boxes for us to try. After I had tried one I would hand it to Chrene when it wasn't the one for me.

In the end I got a 14 inch with cypress wood and  unicorn hair as the core. Chrene got 7 1\2 with ash wood and a core of dragon heartstring. In flexibility they were both hard.


It had been a couple weeks and it was finally September first!

"Chonira are you coming?" My mom called. She is always in a frenzy on this day because she is always afraid we are going to be late.

"Coming!" I called back.

While we were in Diagon Alley I also got a pet. Now they learned how to breed pocket dragons that can be trained but they have trainers train it so the dragons don't burn your house down. I got a silverish blue one with green eyes like a cat. The cool thing about these dragons is that if muggles as it they think that it's just a bird because it looks like one.

Chrene got a barn owl and named it Eglatine. I thought she was lucky she was reading a book about owls(She was reading the guardian's of gahoole) because she could think of a good name for her pet.

I thought about what I should name her. You would think it wasn't important but her name really matter. 

Maybe I could name her pearl or or or...


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