Fall (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)

"You have a problem with falling, don't you?" "You have no idea."


2. ♡♡

The crowded lunchroom of my school was filled with screams and laughter
coming from various different people. It came as a surprise to most, but I
actually didn't like lunch time. Even though I spent close to all of my lunches with
Michael and a few of our other friends, I still didn't enjoy myself. Everyone in the
lunchroom always seemed to find a way to get on my nerves. 
"What time does Luke leave tomorrow? I need to come over, but not with him
there." Michael asked, shoving half of a slice of pizza in his mouth.
It is now three weeks later, and I've made little to no progress in my friendship
with Luke. It's not that I wanted to be his friend, because I didn't. I was mainly
just annoyed at the fact that I spent every Saturday with him and the two of us
still couldn't talk to each other about anything other than math. All I was asking
for was him to at least act civilized when he was with me, for him to be able to
hold a conversation not on the topic of school work.
"I don't know. Why do you need to come over?" I flicked a piece of hair off my
shoulder. I glance at the other people sitting at out table, they were all
consumed in their own conversations. This was what most of our lunch times
consisted of. The two of us talking and pretending that we belonged with the
people sitting near us.
"I need the DVD player." Michael shrugged. This was a completely normal thing
for him.
"Get your own! You're always using me for my DVD player!" I let out a laugh,
slightly annoyed at the fact that Michael only seemed to come over when he
wanted to watch a movie.
"I don't have that kind of money!" Michael complained. "I was going to bring
Ashton with me, but I guess you don't want us.." 
"I'll have Luke out by 3:00." My head snapped up. I was honestly sickened by
the fact that I would go to any measure just to get Ashton to my house, but
again, I couldn't help it. I liked him that much.
"Out of where?" A voice spoke from behind me. I turned around quickly to see
Luke standing over me, holding a lunch tray in his hands. I looked him up and
down, he wore a dark grey T-shirt and black skinny jeans with a huge hole in the
knee. I noticed that his hair was styled differently today, up in a quiff, using who
knows how much gel to keep it in place.
"Out of my house. I have plans later tomorrow." I rolled my eyes, turning back

I knew who it was. I immediately looked up, not caring that I accidentally
elbowed Luke while doing so.
"No, sit down man." Michael said, pulling out a chair for Ashton next to him.
"Thanks." Ashton giggled, ruffling his curly dark blonde hair with his large
hands. "Hi, Stella." 
"Hi." I said quietly, trying not to let myself blush. I looked back down and tried to
act very focused on the food on my plate again.
"Are we still on for tomorrow? Stella, are you hanging out with us?" Ashton
asked. He wore a permanent smile on his face, showing off his deep dimples. 
"Yeah. Stella's gonna let us hang out at her place, if that's alright." Michael
nodded, taking another bite of his pizza.
I wasn't sure how Michael and Ashton became such good friends, but I was
definitely glad that they did. Even though I felt bad about it sometimes, I loved
using Michael for an excuse to hang out with Ashton. Don't get me wrong, I
loved hanging out with Michael too, everything was just a lot more fun with
Ashton. He had such a great personality, it was impossible not to be happy
around him.
"Cool. Thanks, Stel." Ashton smiled back at me, gently kicking my foot with his
own under the table.
"She doesn't like to be called Stel." Luke finally spoke again, making all eyes
go on him.
"Sorry?" Ashton cocked his head to the side, like he'd misheard Luke.
"Stella doesn't like being called Stel." He repeated, speaking more clearly this
"Then how come you get to-" Michael looked at Luke with a puzzled look on his
"He doesn't." I said sternly. "I don't care, Ashton. You can call me it if you want." 
"You're so pathetic." Luke leaned over and whispered in my ear.
"Shut up." I whispered back.

about how gullible Michael was, but I was wrong. In fact, through out the whole
lunch period he hadn't even smiled once. 
"I didn't believe you anyway." Michael tried to play it off cool, but we all knew he
thought Luke was telling the truth.
"You didn't answer the question." I reminded Luke. I was still curious as to why
he acted the way he did.
"I was born a generally unhappy person, that's what happened." 
"Luke, I'm making sandwiches, do you want one?" Eric yelled from the kitchen.
It was Saturday afternoon again and Luke and I were sitting in the dining room,
trying to focus on doing my homework for the weekend. 
Of course my brother picked today to hang out at home. He hardly ever came
around, now that he was taking classes at the community college. I was actually
left home alone a lot, with Eric either away at college or with his friends and
Mom working almost 24/7 to pay for our apartment. Most of the time I didn't
mind, since I had Michael right downstairs to keep me company. 
"No, thanks." Luke called back. It upset me that Luke and Eric seemed to get a
long better than Luke and I ever would, and they had only met a couple times
before today.
"What do you want on yours, Stel?" Eric shouted to me.
"Ham, Provolone cheese and Salami! And mayonnaise!" I yelled towards the
"You let your brother call you Stel." Luke noticed, looking a bit shocked.
"That's different." I said. Eric was my brother, he had been calling me Stel
probably since the day I was born. There was no preventing him from calling me
that. Besides, it wasn't the name Stel that made me upset, it was the fact that
Luke just assumed he had the right to call me that when we weren't anywhere
near friends.
"Then you shouldn't get so pissed when I call you that." Luke furrowed his eyebrows together.

"You shouldn't insist on calling me it." I shrugged.
"Ew, mayonnaise." Luke said after a moment of silence, making a strange
face. I think it may have been the first time I've seen him do anything besides a
small smile and his normal blank facial expression. He set down his pencil and
leaned back in his chair, obviously knowing that I wasn't going to get any work
done today.
"You never eat when you're over here." I observed, not exactly meaning to say it
out loud.
"Because you're always having meat." Luke shrugged. He sat across from me
at the table, his light blue shirt making his eyes pop even more than usual. 
"Well, we're Italian." I chuckled, letting a few pieces of hair fall in front of my
"I don't eat meat." Luke responded quickly, as if he was just waiting for me to
mention something so he could say it. I don't see why he would be proud, meat
is great.
"You're a vegetarian? Why?" I asked, not seeing how anyone could live without
"Well, it's not because I'm all conservational and I don't like the idea of killing
animals for food, because in all honesty I think that's what they were made for. I
just don't particularly like meat, so I decided not to eat it." Luke explained.
"So, you're a vegetarian." I said, clarifying mostly for myself but also for Luke,
incase he didn't quite grasp the concept of vegetarianism.
"If we have to it a label on it, then yes." Luke groaned. Just as he was doing so
Eric came into the dining room with my sandwich on a paper plate before
exiting the room again. He had even warmed it up in the microwave, just the
way I liked it.
"So, what do you eat?" I asked another question. I suddenly couldn't think of any
meals that I normally ate that didn't include meat.
"Um.. Popcorn." Luke shrugged and looked down at the floor, and I could
already tell he was trying to hide a smile.
"I work at a movie theater." Luke replied, sounding slightly offended that I didn't
remember that he worked there.
"Right." I nodded.
"Flow proofs." Luke said after a few minutes of us staring at each other while I
ate my sandwich.

I swear I could see a small smile play across his lips. 
Within the next hour, Luke had actually managed to help me out with my
homework, even though the two of us argued quite a lot. When we decided that
we were done, Luke again hurried to collect his belongings and throw them into
his backpack before rushing to the door. It seemed like he always lost track of
time, and always had somewhere to be.
"Why are you in such a rush?" I finally asked after finally becoming tired with
watching him struggle to get all his things together.
"It's 2:55. You wanted me out by 3:00. I'm getting a head start." Luke said,
before opening the door and stepping out into the hallway, slamming it behind
Less that a few seconds later the door was opening again and Luke was
peaking his head in. He looked down at his feet before opening his mouth to
"Goodbye, Stel."

~~~~Sorry for any typos I'm like half asleep right now I tried as best as I could~~~~

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