One Simple Mistake


3. Love Will Always Find It's Way

Kayleigh! Kayleigh! Niall called out for me. I'm in the bathroom nialler! He came in and saw my tear streaked face. Baby girl what's the matter? He looked at me. Do you know what happened to me when I was a young child? I asked niall. No why what happened? You can tell me anything. He said to me. Well when I was 13 my brother who I have never mentioned about before was 18 at the time. He came home drunk the one night and got into an argument with my mom and dad. I went downstairs because after awhile I heard screaming. I went downstairs and saw my brother stabbing my mother and my father. I had tears coming down my face. He didn't see me run up the stairs and leave the house all by myself with a suitcase and nothing else. Then that's when I ran into you and you took me in niall. I'm sorry I have never told you about my story but when we first met I felt that I needed to know you a bit more than what I saw on the outside from you. Niall I have loved you since I laied eyes on you. My heart beats a million time faster when I'm around you. It kills me when you are with other girls. I love you more than a friend more than a brother I love you as my boyfriend and my life. I told him and he had a look pondered on his face. That's what I thought niall! You don't feel the same way. I'm sorry I even tried to tell you my feelings. I screamed and ran into Harry and he took me home. I heard niall screaming my name but I didn't bother to answer. I knew he didn't feel the same about me. Harry lead me to my room and talked with me. I told him everything that happened and after I was done I looked at him and saw sincerity in his emerald eyes. Babe you know we are always here for you no matter what. Give niall some time and I'm sure he will respond to your feelings. I promise he loves you more than a friend and as a girlfriend. He kissed my forehead and left my room. I changed from my school clothes and into some sweats and a tshirt and climes into my cozy bed and cried myself to sleep with a broken heart.

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