One Simple Mistake


4. Love Will Always Find It's Way (part 2)

I heard the boys come home later that day after I woke up from my nap. I climes out of bed and got to my door just as I heard a knocking on it. I opened it to find niall with tears in his eyes on his knees begging me to forgive him. Kayleigh ever since I laid eyes on you I fell in love with you. Your craziness drives me insane your outgoing beautiful talented and amazing. I want to call you mine forever..... Will you please be my princess and love happily ever after with me? I was crying like crazy now and I said yes to him. Niall picked me up and spun me around and finally I felt those soft lips I longed for on mine. The kiss was passionate and full of lust and love. I swear I saw fireworks around us as we kissed. We pulled away and I saw a smiling niall and four idiotic boys cheering and taking pictures of me and niall kissing. Really guys you have to intrude? I spoke to them. Well we wanted to make sure you got with him and stay happy. Forever with us and niall. I cried even harder and hugged all the boys. You will all always be my family... Forever and ever boys. Your my brothers niall is my boyfriend and that's all I could really ask for. We pulled away and all said goodnight. Niall? I called out. Yes princess? Will you sleep with me tonight and forever? I spoke softly. Of course I will honey. He changed into boxers and some shorts. No shirt and that was a big turn on for me. I changed into new shorts and a tanktop and jumped into bed and niall pulled me close to him. I love you more than anything baby girl. I promise forever. Niall spoke. I will never hurt you niall. You are my everything. I love you with all my heart forever. We both cuddled up close to one another and fell asleep peacefully.... Happy and blissful. Full of love and lust.

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