Wide Awake

Zoe Jensen is hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her parents when a huge bear attacks, kills her parents, and nearly kills her. On that same day, Carlisle, Emmett, and Edward Cullen happen to be hunting for fresh animal blood. They find Zoe and save her. Now she has a new name. Zoe Cullen.


2. Blood

Emmett's POV

We were walking outside the trail when we heard them. Screams echoing through out the canopy of the huge fern trees. Carlisle sniffed the air and said, "A bear. A big one by the smell of it. And humans... Three of them." We all sprinted to where the screams were coming from. Edward was busy reading the human's minds. "I'm getting a blank on the first two but the third one... It's a girl, about twelve years old and she..." He paused and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, they were pitch black. "She is in major trouble!" He finished. Carlisle burst the the underbrush and there we saw a huge grizzly about to make the final kill on a little girl laying in the dirt. She was screaming and two others, possibly her parents, were laying dead on the ground near her. I lunged at the bear, taking him out easily. We scuffled for a minute and then the monster was still. My thirst took over and I immediately ripped the bear open and started to drink.


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