Wide Awake

Zoe Jensen is hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her parents when a huge bear attacks, kills her parents, and nearly kills her. On that same day, Carlisle, Emmett, and Edward Cullen happen to be hunting for fresh animal blood. They find Zoe and save her. Now she has a new name. Zoe Cullen.


6. A Whole New World

Zoe's POV

I opened my eyes and waited for them to adjust. Then I gasped. I was in a strange room and my eyesight was amazing. Everything was sparkling and I could focus on the tiniest things. I couldn't remember anything, just my name, and that this was not my room. I tried to speak but my throat was so dry. I looked around for the man who sat with me, but no one was in the room. Then, I experienced a sensation I have never felt before. My eyes widened and I opened my mouth instinctively. I smelled the best scent in the world. Human blood. I snarled and got up, sniffing the air and trying to figure out where the scent was coming from. The voices paused downstairs. The scent was getting stronger and I snarled louder. This time, I was met by a man running up the stairs and intercepting me. I recognized him as the man who held my hand earlier on. "Zoe, you're awake and things are gonna feel strange, but you have to go back in the room. You are very dangerous right now." He said, trying to ease me back to the huge bed. "No!" I growled and with a little force pushed past him. He yelled for some people named Emmett and Edward, and a huge, buff guy immediately came. He saw me and helped Carlisle hold me down but I was still stronger. Just as I was about to escape and find that human, another guy came up. His eyes widened and he muttered something about Bella, but then helped hold me down as well. All three of them together finally were stronger than me and as embarrassing as this was, I started to cry. I was scared because I couldn't remember anything and I didn't know where I was and to top that all off, I craved blood, which was totally gross. I caved and then let Emmett carry me to the bed, still holding me down.

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