How to be a Vampire

Amethyst Rose is a vampire. A very bad one. She has scared as many as she's tortured. But finds out of Andy, a new boy in town. He is stronger, and isn't scared of her. He's an archangel. She wants to figure him out but in the process he changes her completely. That summer, her life is changed forever, as well as her heart.


1. Meet Andy

Let's make this short. 

My name is Amethyst, I am 14 years old. I am a vampire, and have been for the past year. I live along the mountains of Montana and attend a school in the small town of Absarokee. I live with my vampire brother Felix.

I sit in the circle of my counseling session and glare at everyone around me. Everyone but Mikky, my best friend, is scared of me. There are three girls, and a boy. They all scoot their chairs to the edge of the circle, looking around the room in complete horror. A boy that Ive never seen walks in and sits down. To my surprise, he looks me in the face and smirks. Does he know who I am? I glare at him and with lightning speed, I  get to him and try to tackle him. With greater strength than I contain, in a few seconds he has me against the wall. He gave a low chuckle and looked me in the eye. "Never do that again, Amethyst." He growls. I snort and give a sarcastic laugh. "I am NOT scared of you, hon." He gave a dark smirk and said," Please, my name's Andy. I rolled my eyes and  tried to elbow him. And just like that, a painful pain runs through my body. I fall to the ground screaming. It stops. I lay there, my sides heaving and tears are forming in my blue eyes. Then the pain shoots through me once more and I howl in pain again. I flail around on the ground and like the last time, the pain stops. I lay still breathing hard, in tears. Andy gets on one knee and strokes my hair. "There, there amethyst. Just don't attack me ever again." He said. I turn my head and get a closer look at his features. He has long black hair covering one eye, blue eyes, and pale skin. He's not a vampire, but I don't know what he is. I cough and growl. "H-how did you do that?" I ask. He smirked and shrugged. "Magic." He said in a low voice. I growl. I hate him. I hate him for his joke. I hate him for his magic. I hate him for overpowering me. I hate him for everything. "I got up and looked at him. He smirked and began to walk toward the exit. "I'll see you around my dear Amethyst." He says as he exits. I just glare at him as he disappears through the door. I don't know what he is, but I am going to find out.

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