How someone met someone but then something happen........


3. at his house

So when we walked in Niall introduced me to everyone and I said hi. They al said welcome and so Niall said we'll we are going to head upstairs. So as Niall walked into his room I saw a room and walked in and saw a cute brown curly haired guy. He said hi love and asked me if I was lost I said I'm looking for Niall . He said he is in his room and I said thanks. He said his name was harry and he asked me what my name was and I said my name is christal. Harry said nice to met u I said you too. Then when I found naills room he pulled me in the room and locker it. He took off his cloths and pants and started to take my cloths off. I asked him what he was doing but before I knew it I was throne on the bed and he was jumping on me while he was giving me love bites. Then harry walked in and started asking me if I'm ok and I said get him off of me and harry walked over and took Niall off of me. Harry ask Niall what he was thinking scaring me like that he said nothing. Then harry picked me up off my feet and carried me to his room and me and harry spent the whole day together

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