My New Life

(Nothing related to New Friends and Maybe Love.) Joy is 16 and her father uses her as a money machine. He allows anyone who can pay to rape his daughter. This has been going on since she was 6, after she came home from school and saw that her dad had killed her mother. Every year Joy tries to escape but always gets caught in the process. this year she will make it out, and when she does escape she collapses in front of a certain recording studio. Five boys find her and help her open up and to put a smile back on her face. (Finds out she is Louis long lost sister in the process. Mother was married to someone else and had Louis)

Will she open up to the boys of One Direction? Will Rick come after her?
You'll have to read this to find out!!


3. Chapter 3

Louis' P.O.V

While on our way to the hospital I noticed that Harry was a little he worried. Maybe he's worrying because he's a "ladies man," but then I noticed that the other lads were worried too. I mean who wouldn't be? There was a beautiful girl passed out in the studio. We pulled into the parking lot and when Niall stopped we all ran to the lady at the front desk.

Lady: Hello, how may I help you?

Me: Were looking for the young lady who just got here from a studio.

Lady: Oh! And what is the patients name?

Harry: Oh crap! We don't know! All we know is that...

Zayn: Her name is Joy.

When Zayn said thiswe all just looked at him. We were all wondering how he knew that, and he could tell too.

Zayn: On my way back to you guys I found a backpack, which her name on the inside.

Me: Oh! That makes a ton of sense.

Lady: Yes, Joy Tomlinson is in room 203 on the 2nd floor.

Me: Wait, did you just say Tomlinson?

The lady at the desk nods.  Oh never mind Their are lots of people in the world who have the same name as others.

Joy's P.O.V

The darkness was beginning to disappear. I could see a light above me. It took a minute think but I suddenly remembered that Rick was after me and I ran into a studio. When Rick wasn't there I decided to go to the restroom and I think I passed out or something. Before I came out of complete darkness I could hear voices. I shot up from the darkness to find 5 strange  boys at... my... bedside? Wait, why was I back in a bed? Oh no, their gonna...! They all turned towards me with worried looks on their faces and began walking towards me.

Me: Stay back!

Blondy: I'll go get the doctor.

Me: Doctor? Where am I?!

Curly: You're at the hospital.

Me: Why?

Curly: Well Louis found you near the restroom, passed out.

I look to the guy Curly pointed to. Louis I think that's his name. When Blondy renters the room with a doctor I got silent and stiff.

Doctor: Well I'm glad that you're awake. Are you feeling light-headed or anything else?

 Me: No.

 Doctor: When you came in we wad another doctor examine you and it seems like you have scars and brouses all along your body accompanying a sprained ankle. The doctor that examined you found many foreign matters on your body and we're suspecting that you've been raped. If our findings are in fact true we would like to ask you some questions and we would like to do some more tests to make sure you don't have any other injuries or transmitted diseases.

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