My New Life

(Nothing related to New Friends and Maybe Love.) Joy is 16 and her father uses her as a money machine. He allows anyone who can pay to rape his daughter. This has been going on since she was 6, after she came home from school and saw that her dad had killed her mother. Every year Joy tries to escape but always gets caught in the process. this year she will make it out, and when she does escape she collapses in front of a certain recording studio. Five boys find her and help her open up and to put a smile back on her face. (Finds out she is Louis long lost sister in the process. Mother was married to someone else and had Louis)

Will she open up to the boys of One Direction? Will Rick come after her?
You'll have to read this to find out!!


2. Chapter 2

As I dropped out my window to the ground I sprained my ankle. I was trying to get up when I heard a scream Coming from my room, and then I saw Rick looking down at me from the window. He saw me and he started running down the stairs. I had to get up, but my ankle still hurt. I didn't care. I don't care if I damage my ankle even more I just had to get away from him.Rick was on my tail . I decided to take a sharp turn towards a studio He was still following me. When I decided to run into the studio he stopped at the doors because he saw me getting help from the man at the desk. While I was telling the man to cal the police, Rick was running closer but when I finished talking to the man he was gone. I thought it would be better safe than sorry. I just asked the man , "Sir, where's restroom?" He pointed down the hall and to the right. While walking down the hall  I had to hold onto the wall because I began to feel dizzy. The room was getting darker, but why? The room disapeared. It was pitch black now; what happened to me?

Harry's P.O.V

Me and the boys had just finished our recording session and we said goodnight to Simon. We were going to go to Nandos since we were hungry, especially Niall. Louis had to go to the loo.  When we were waiting for Louis he yelled at us, "Boys! You might want to come here!" As we were running to Louis I could see a leg sprawled on the floor. We got closer and we all gasped at what we saw.There was a girl passed out on the floor.

Me: Niall call an ambulance!

Louis: Harry. Liam. Stop freaking out!

Liam: Where's Zayn?!

Me: With the guy at the front desk asking him who this girl is. 

Niall came back with Zayn and the medics.

Me: Zayn! What did you find out about her?

Zayn: Nothing much just something very strange.

Louis: What and how strange?

Zayn: Well, for one, when she came in she was freaking out and telling the guy to call the police Also, she was panting and kept looking out the door.

Me: Why?

Zayn: Who knows.

Liam: I think we should go to the hospital to see if she's okay

Niall: Yeah I think so too. I'll drive.


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