My New Life

(Nothing related to New Friends and Maybe Love.) Joy is 16 and her father uses her as a money machine. He allows anyone who can pay to rape his daughter. This has been going on since she was 6, after she came home from school and saw that her dad had killed her mother. Every year Joy tries to escape but always gets caught in the process. this year she will make it out, and when she does escape she collapses in front of a certain recording studio. Five boys find her and help her open up and to put a smile back on her face. (Finds out she is Louis long lost sister in the process. Mother was married to someone else and had Louis)

Will she open up to the boys of One Direction? Will Rick come after her?
You'll have to read this to find out!!


1. Chapter 1

Joy's P.O.V

  I feel pain. Why? Oh that's right now i remember, Rick had done it again last night.


  "I'm 8 years old mommy, you don't need to worry so much.I can walk across the street to the school on my own."

  "Okay honey, I'll see you after school."

  I thought my first day of school would be normal, until i got home. When i walked through the door my father was standing at the bottom of the stairs, over my mother's cold, lifeless body.

  "Daddy, what's wrong with mommy?"

  At my question he just turned around and laughed at me. "Nothing at all because i killed her." (He has no emotion at all when he says this)

  I was looking at him to see if he was lying, but i didn't want to find out so i tried to run out the door. As i turned around, i felt a cold, dry hand wrap around my wrist and pull me back. My father didn't look like he usually did (Like a happy loving look a dad has). After he pulled me back i got dragged to my parents room where i got locked in for hours.

  From what I could tell it had been 4 hours. About 3 minutes later I could hear about 7 men including my father talking downstairs. They had finally finished talking, and I could hear them coming closer and closer to where I was. Suddenly, the door flung open. My father and one man came in with evil grins on their faces. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the man paying my father a bundle of money.

  A couple seconds later the strange man kept walking closer and closer to me. I fell over, the man picked me up, and put me on the bed. I know what you're thinking and yes, one by one the men paid my father, and came in to "play" with me.

Flashback Ends

 Ever since then I was pulled out of school by my father, and her keeps me locked up in the same room. The older I got the more customers he's received money from. I'm 18 now and I've got a very clever/stupid mind. Every year I try and make up new ways of escaping, while Rick slept. When I try to escape he just catches me, and he finds new ways of keeping me looked up. This years plan was full proof because Rick dropped his keys to the window in the room. For my plan to work I have to wait till it's past midnight,and after he checks on me at this time I'll climb out the window. As midnight approached I was getting anxious. On the other side of the door I could hear Rick getting closer and closer. By the time he got into the room I was pretending to be fast asleep. I assumed he believed it because he had left just as fast as he came in. Before trying to escape I waited 30 minutes just to be sure I could escape while he was asleep. I had packed all of my few belongings into my backpack, unlocked my foot from the chain attached to the bed, and unlocked the window. I opened it slowly and slipped out into the cold of the dark night.

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