Justin And Jaylynne Have Been Best Friends Since They Were 4 . Of Course Justin Is Famous So He Has Tour Which Jaylynne Doesnt Want Him To Go . Shes Secretly In Love With Him And Hes In Love With Her . They Have No Idea . What'll Happen When They Both Find Out ? Read To Find Out(;


4. Chapter 3

Jaylynne's P.o.v

Once We Got To The Mall , Justin Said "Hey Jay Lemme Buy You An Outfit Or Two" I Smacked Justin In The Chest And Laughed "Pshh Nahh I Dont Need Nothing Its YOU That Needs Something." "Pleaseee Jay . Its The Least I Can Do." "Fine Alright Alright Whatever I Want Some Dresses" We Walked Into American Eagle And Justin Picked Out This Beautiful Dress And Ohhh Myyy Goshh Did I Love It ! I Walked Into The Dressing Room And Came Out With The Dress On.

Justin's P.o.v

I Picked Jaylynne This Beautiful Dress That Id Thought Looked Beautiful , Well I Know It Would On Here Anyway, Anything Does Actually. She Went In The Dressing Room And My Was She The Most Beautifulest Girl Ive Ever Seen . All i Could Do Was Stare At Her. Jaylynne Said "Justin , Justin , JUSTIN" And I Jumped And Said "Huh Yeah ?" She Smiled And Said "Soo How Does It Look?" "Beautiful" "Oh Stop It Justin!" Then i Was Like "Oh Wait ! You Need Shoes !" I Ran And Picked Her Some Shoes Then We Checked Out With That Outfit I Got Her . ( )

Jaylynne's P.o.v

I Loved The Dress Justin Bought Me I Couldnt Thank Him Enough So I Said "Justin Since You Bought Me This Ill Buy You Some Shoes ?" "Okay" He Said So We Walked Into A Store And Bought His Stuff . ( )

After We Were Done We Left And Went Back So My Place And Chilled There , Then It Was Time For Bed , Justin Gave Me That Dirty Horny Look And Said Lets Go To Bed Jay And Winked ....






















Ohhhhhhh Cliff Hanger xDDDDD Sorry It Took So Long To Update , Ill Be Updating More Often , Trust Me.




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